The hidden culprit that's "feminizing" your prostate

This little-known risk affects every man over 50 and robs you of urinary control and sexual pleasure.

— By Frank Shallenberger, MD

There's a hidden culprit stalking your prostate and your body. This culprit can cause you all sorts of health problems.

It can make your muscles softer, and your arms and legs flabby. It can even cause you to grow "man boobs" and cause your hair to get thinner and fall out prematurely.

What's more, this hidden culprit can cause your prostate to swell up until you have trouble peeing, and have to run to the bathroom over and over. Often several times a night.

What is this culprit? It's estrogen. That's right, estrogen.

Did you know the average male over age 50 has more estrogen in his body than his wife or girlfriend of the same age? It's true! And it's true even for healthy, active men.

Here's why:

First, there are estrogen-like chemicals in our environment. Bisphenol-A in plastic drink bottles. Estrogen-like chemicals in detergents, personal care products, air fresheners, paints, and more. They're everywhere … constantly seeping into our food and water.

Second, there are hidden hormones in our food. Commercially raised beef, chicken and pork are loaded with hormones to speed up their growth. Even healthy foods have soy additives that act like estrogen. You'll find soy listed as "vegetable protein" in non-dairy ice cream, veggie burgers, snack foods, energy bars … even vitamins and medicines.

Third, there's the aging process. The older we get, the more fat cells we have. Fat cells churn out an enzyme called aromatase. Aromatase turns testosterone in your body into the most powerful form of estrogen, called estradiol.1

How to Tell If You’re At Risk for “Man Boobs”

Did you know the average male over age 50 has more estrogen in his body than his wife or girlfriend of the same age? It's shocking but true.

Here’s how to tell if your estrogen levels are too high.

Are you gaining weight, especially around your belly?

Feeling more tired than usual?

Is your hair thinning?

Irritable, short-tempered, or moody?

Feeling bloated

Less interested in sex

Have poor memory or concentration?

Are your muscles shrinking, getting softer or turning to flab?

If so, you could be suffering from a hormone imbalance triggered by declining testosterone levels and increasing estrogen.

No wonder your body is accumulating more and more estrogen … while your testosterone levels decline.2

What happens when you have too much estrogen?

When your estrogen goes up and your testosterone goes down, it throws your whole body out of whack.

It can lead to flabby muscles. Weaker erections. Mood swings. It can impact your cardiovascular health too.

Too much estrogen can enlarge your prostate,4,5 making it harder to pee. You wake at all hours of the night and rush to the bathroom. When you do try to urinate, you feel like you never completely empty your bladder.6

Too much estrogen can even trigger male pattern baldness. Your body tries to compensate for the feminizing effects of rising estrogen by converting it into the hormone DHT, which is 10 times stronger than testosterone.

Higher concentrations of DHT interrupt the normal growth cycle of hair follicles on your head. You start growing thinner, wispier hair. Until you lose the ability to grow healthy new strands of hair completely.

Too much estrogen robs you of what it means to be a man. You lose strength, sex drive, muscles, even your ambition. Your body begins to look more feminine. You get softer — everywhere. Your ability to perform sexually can fall apart.

Luckily, there's a real cure that gets at the root cause of this problem.

The little-known nutrient that can reduce estrogen and shrink a swollen prostate

Scientists have discovered a single nutrient that can limit this estrogen build-up. It's called di-indolylmethane, or "DIM" for short.

Supplementing with DIM can help limit the steady climb of estrogen in your body.7 It does so by converting bad estrogen into "good" estrogen by-products.8 These good estrogen by-products trigger more testosterone to be released in your bloodstream.

Having more free testosterone works wonders for your sex drive, energy levels, fitness and your prostate health.

It can help promote normal prostate size. It can relieve the pain and discomfort that comes from prostate problems … and boost your urine flow (with no more dribbling or straining).

It doesn't stop there. DIM is a potent immune booster. It helps you fight off viruses.9 It can elevate your fitness levels and help you build lean, hard muscle. And it revs up your energy levels and promotes a healthy, active sex life.

There's no question in my mind. If you're a man over 50, you need to take DIM. That's why I called my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals and asked them to add DIM to their popular Advanced Prostate Formula.

Why You Want to Take DIM Instead of Indole-3 Carbinol

You may have heard about Indole-3 Carbinol and how it protects your prostate. Indole-3 Carbinol is found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, too. In fact, when indoles digest in your stomach, they release a bunch of compounds. DIM is one of them.

But I recommend you take DIM instead of Indole-3 Carbinol for your prostate. Here's why:

First, Indole-3 Carbinol is highly unstable. Studies show it breaks down quickly in your stomach and very little leaves the intestines to circulate in your bloodstream. In contrast, DIM is a more stable compound and more readily absorbed by your body.

The second big difference is safety. Higher doses of oral Indole-3 Carbinol have triggered a host of side effects in humans, such as dizziness, gastritis and nerve toxicity. In one instance, I3C produced a "bad" estrogen metabolite.

DIM does not trigger this metabolite. In fact, there are no known side effects of DIM from either the clinical studies or patient cases.10 That's why Advanced Prostate Formula includes 200 mg of DIM in each daily dose.

Put Advanced Prostate Formula to the test TODAY... absolutely RISK FREE!

As a result, they now offer what I think is the most complete, most powerful prostate reliever ever. It gives you a complete foundation for advanced prostate support in one daily supplement. It starts with DIM and adds all the other essential prostate nutrients including…

The common garden weed that makes saw palmetto and pygeum work even better

You probably know that saw palmetto and pygeum are two of the most effective natural treatments for prostate problems. Dozens of studies show these two herbs can boost urinary flow … stop the sudden urges to pee … and relieve the discomfort of a swollen prostate.11

Yet now, scientists have discovered that a common garden weed dramatically boosts the effectiveness of saw palmetto and pygeum.12 In fact, people who added this herb to saw palmetto were able to cut their nighttime bathroom visits in half!

So what is this revolutionary prostate healer? It's a common prickly plant found in America and Europe called stinging nettle.

Stinging nettle helps block another cause of prostate problems, too. That culprit is the hormone DHT. DHT can cause your prostate to swell up.

Saw palmetto, pygeum and even prostate drugs work by blocking DHT. It appears that stinging nettle may work in a similar way.

Stinging nettle is just one of several powerful nutrients you need for optimal prostate health. You should also take…

The plant sterol that strengthens your prostate

Beta-sitosterol is another prostate healer that's making the medical literature lately. That's because several double-blind clinical studies show this plant sterol can reduce the symptoms of a swollen prostate, especially when you combine it with saw palmetto.13

In one study, patients taking beta-sitosterol saw a 3-fold decrease in their prostate problems, as measured by the International Prostate Symptom Score. This test measures urine flow and the amount of urine remaining in the bladder.14

In another study, published in the British Journal of Urology, 177 patients with enlarged prostates significantly increased their urinary flow and had better bladder emptying.15

Guess where you can find a great source for beta-sitosterol? Pumpkin seeds! Pumpkin seed oil contains phytosterols just like saw palmetto and pygeum. Pumpkin seed has been used by doctors for years in Germany, where it's an approved supplement for treating enlarged prostates.

Advanced Prostate Formula gives you a whopping 216 mg of beta-sitosterol in every dose. It's packed into the pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and pygeum in the formula.16

In addition, pumpkin seeds contain a protein called myosin. Myosin helps your muscles to contract … like the smooth muscles around your urinary system and your prostate gland.

When your muscles contract better, it keeps your prostate pumping … your ejaculations flowing … and your sex life going strong.

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The "tomato sauce" solution to a swollen prostate

You've probably heard about a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. Lycopene is the pigment that gives tomatoes their bright red color.

Lycopene fights free radicals that can damage cells throughout your body. In fact a landmark study of 50,000 men at Harvard Medical School showed that men who eat large quantities of tomatoes, rich in lycopene, have healthier prostates than those who do not.17

But what you may not know is that lycopene can also limit the enlargement of your prostate. In a recent study, men who took only 15 mg of lycopene a day slowed their prostate growth.18

You can load up on lycopene-rich foods like fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce or watermelon to get these benefits. Or you can take a daily dose of Advanced Prostate Formula, which gives you all the lycopene your prostate needs to stay healthy.

Swedish Flower Pollen

Advanced Prostate Formula also contains Cernilton®. This flower pollen extract has reduced prostate problems for millions of men around the world. Two double blind, placebo-controlled studies show that Cernilton® improves symptoms of an enlarged prostate.19

Cernilton® improved nighttime urination in nearly 70% of cases. Patients had emptier bladders. And it helped shrink their swollen prostates, a fact confirmed by ultrasound tests.20

The amazing tree bark that supports a healthy prostate

The African tree bark extract called pygeum is one of the world's most popular prostate remedies. Many studies show it improves urinary flow, reduces the number of times you have to pee each night and even reduces pain with urination.21

In one French study, patients taking pygeum significantly reduced their need to urinate and more completely emptied their bladders. In another study, nearly 2 out of 3 men improved their urinary function.22

Pygeum also acts as a natural antibiotic. That means it can help relieve symptoms of prostatitis. Prostatitis causes painful urination, back and groin pain, fever and frequent urges to pee.

Saw Palmetto

No prostate formula would be complete without saw palmetto, the granddaddy of natural prostate remedies. Dozens of clinical trials over four decades23 show it can help shrink an enlarged prostate, improve urinary flow, reduce discomfort and the number of times you have to pee each day.24

Advanced Prostate Formula

Like DIM and pygeum, saw palmetto promotes healthy levels of testosterone. It reduces the levels of DHT and the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, two other culprits linked to enlarged prostate.25

The "male mineral"

Zinc is vital for prostate health and for male hormone activity. You need zinc to produce sperm and semen. There's more zinc in your prostate gland than any other part of your body.

Maintaining normal zinc levels is important to sexual function. One study found that patients with chronic prostate problems had 9 times less zinc than patients with healthy prostates.26

Like other nutrients, zinc levels decline as you get older. Infections and stress deplete your zinc as well. But supplementing with zinc can have dramatic results.

Researchers at Cook County Hospital gave patients with swollen prostates 150 mg of zinc daily for two months. All patients reported improvement in their prostate health. 3 out of 4 men saw their prostates shrink in size, proven by digital exams and X-rays.27

Zinc should definitely be part of your prostate health plan. But when you take zinc, your body absorbs less copper. Copper plays a big role in your antioxidant systems. So you need to take both zinc and copper to get the right balance of these two essential nutrients. You'll find both in Advanced Prostate Formula.


Seven population studies in the past decade looked at the link between selenium and prostate health.28 All but one showed that selenium protects your prostate.

In one study, men with the highest levels of selenium had healthier prostates.29 In another study, patients taking 200 micrograms of selenium a day had better colon, prostate, and lung health. Clearly, selenium should be on your list of prostate nutrients, along with...

The prostate protector that's ignored by almost everyone

You probably think vitamin D is a "bone vitamin." And it is. But did you know vitamin D is absolutely essential to a healthy prostate?

That’s why I strongly urge you to supplement with vitamin D.

Follow this link to order Advanced Prostate Formula. Or call 800-791-3395 any time of day or night.

A potent combination

Advanced Prostate Formula Ingredients Click image to enlarge

Any one of these nutrients … DIM … saw palmetto … pygeum …nettle … have proven their effectiveness in dozens of clinical studies. But it should come as no surprise that when you combine them, they're even more powerful.

I've seen this myself. I've found that combining these herbs has a synergistic effect. That's why I'm so pleased that Advanced Bionutritionals has included all of them in their new and improved prostate remedy, Advanced Prostate Formula.

Save up to $40.20

This is the only prostate formula I know that contains DIM plus 10 other essential nutrients for optimal prostate health. You get DIM, saw palmetto, pygeum, nettle, pumpkin seed with beta-sitosterol, Swedish Flower Pollen and more. A total of 11 targeted nutrients guaranteed to give you complete prostate protection.

If you try to buy all these nutrients at your local health food store you'd easily spend over $130 a month. But thanks to a special offer from Advanced Bionutritionals, you can get Advanced Prostate Formula with DIM for as little as $33.25 per bottle.

What's more, it's so much easier to get these nutrients in one convenient supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. All the work has been done for you!

It's great to know that in these tough economic times, Advanced Bionutritionals has kept their critical prostate formula so affordable.

End your nighttime prostate miseries - guaranteed!

By now you've discovered the hidden culprit that's secretly "feminizing" your prostate gland … causing it to swell up like a balloon … choke off your urine stream … and send you running to the bathroom over and over.

You've seen how a little-known plant extract called DIM can conquer this hormone culprit. Limit the enlargement of your prostate. Even helps you fight viruses, build lean muscle and ramp up your energy.

Why suffer any longer?

Advanced Prostate Formula with DIM helps you…

Significantly reduce trips to the bathroom

RELEASE a strong urine flow — no more stops and starts and dribbling

RELIEVE the pressure on your bladder and that “never empty” feeling

SLEEP soundly through the night and wake up feeling energized

SUPPORT a normal-size prostate

ALLEVIATE the burning sensation every time you pee

RESTORE your hormone balance for better prostate and overall health

STRENGTHEN your prostate muscles for stronger ejaculations and a better sex life!

REDUCE the formation of DHT that swells your prostate and thins your hair

RAMP UP your energy levels and muscle strength!

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You've seen how beta-sitosterol and other nutrients in pumpkin seeds can release a torrent of urine flow and help you empty your bladder more completely. Limiting that "always having to go" feeling. You've seen how it can trigger muscle contractions in your urinary system and prostate … to rev up your ejaculations and supercharge your sex life.

And you've seen how the unique combination of 11 targeted nutrients in Advanced Prostate Formula protects your prostate like no other formula out there.

Isn't it time you experienced the benefits of Advanced Prostate Formula yourself?

Picture yourself free from prostate problems…

Imagine how great it'll feel to get 7 or 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. And wake up with more energy than you've felt in years.

Imagine feeling relaxed and confident about your sex life and your ability to perform.

Imagine how great it'll feel to go to the bathroom only when you have to. To pee like a racehorse … feel completely relieved and empty … and not have to worry about another bathroom break for hours!

You'll be able to do all the things you love … whether it's taking long walks or long car rides, trips, golf games, swimming, exercising and more. Isn't that the way you want to live your life?

To give your body time to feel the full effects, I suggest you take advantage of our 3-month discount. You'll receive enough Advanced Prostate Formula for 90 days plus save $12.00 off the single bottle price. Better yet, order a 6-month supply. You'll save $40.20 of the single-bottle price, plus get FREE shipping!

As with every Advanced Bionutritionals product, you're completely protected by our unconditional guarantee. If at any time you're not satisfied with Advanced Prostate Formula, just return the unused portion for a full refund of every penny you paid, including any shipping charges. No questions asked, no exceptions, no fine print. Advanced Bionutritionals will refund your money even if you've finished the entire bottle.

That's why I urge you to order your supply of Advanced Prostate Formula today. Simply click here. Or call us toll-free at 1-800-791-3395 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) and we'll rush you your supply.


Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Frank Shallenberger, MD

Dr. Frank Shallenberger is compensated by Advanced Bionutritionals for his work in formulating and endorsing this product.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease.

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