Just 3 mg of this essential nutrient could protect you from brittle bones ... painful joints ... memory loss ... prostate problems ... and more

But you won't find it in even the best selling multivitamin formulas!

Imagine if there was something — smaller than a grain of sand — that could help you ward off many of the aches and pains associated with old age...

Imagine if that same thing, taken daily, could also help keep your mind sharp and protect your brain cells ...

And imagine if — no matter your age — you could keep your bones healthy and strong, prevent swollen, painful joints, and protect sexual function. Just by adding a tiny amount of this one nutrient to your diet.

It would be like a miracle, wouldn't it?

Well, my friend, the good news is that there is such a "miracle" nutrient. The bad news is that you're probably not getting it in your diet — or your multivitamin.

But read on, and I'll tell you what this amazing nutrient is, and how you begin getting its benefits, easily, quickly, and without adding another supplement to your daily regimen.

An "Anti-Aging Mineral"?

The "miracle" is a trace mineral called boron.

In laboratory studies, boron has been shown to help maintain joints, bones, and cognitive functions, and may even help protect the prostate.1 And you only need a tiny amount to reap its benefits. Unfortunately though, unless you live in an area where boron is concentrated in the soil, you're not getting enough naturally. Even if you're eating a healthy diet.

Yet you won't find this incredibly important nutrient in any of the most popular multivitamins. In fact, you won't find it in even the expensive brands!

The astonishing truth is that, in spite of its importance to so many vital functions, multivitamin manufacturers continue to ignore boron. And our bodies are paying the price, because...

It Can Support Your Bones

A large number of studies have shown that boron is vital for good bone health. Boron helps the body retain calcium and magnesium, and limits bone loss, even when the body is stressed.2,3,4

You see, stress is a major cause of bone loss. When the body is stressed, for example by illness or a fracture, the kidneys work harder to remove "excess" calcium and magnesium from the body, often before these bone-building minerals have a chance to be absorbed and used.

But in one study, women who received 3 mg of boron a day retained significantly more calcium and magnesium — even when their diets were deficient in both! And in another study, boron was shown to enhance the effects of Vitamin D, which is also essential for good bone health.

It Can Support Your Joints

Painful, swollen joints are caused by an overreaction of the immune system. And research now suggests that boron may play a vital role in this overreaction. Study after study has shown that people who live in areas where levels of boron in the soil and water are high report fewer joint problems.5

Other studies indicate boron may help to lower inflammatory immune compounds like cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipoxygenase (LOX) - two of the most common causes of pain and swelling in the joints. But that's not all....

It Can Support Your Memory

Scientists now think that COX and LOX may contribute to age-related memory loss. And research has shown that boron may help here, too, by lowering COX and LOX.

In multiple studies conducted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, subjects were divided into two groups — those with a diet low in boron, and those with a diet with adequate boron. Both groups were then given a series of tests measuring manual dexterity, eye-hand coordination, attention, perception, encoding and short-term memory, and long-term memory.

The patients with a diet high in boron were twice as likely to score significantly higher on all tests, compared with those on a low boron diet.6,7,8

It Can Support Your Prostate Health

This is an important benefit for all the males reading this letter and the women who love them. In 2001, researchers at the UCLA School of Public Health compared boron intake in the diets of healthy men to those with poor prostate health. The researchers found that men who only consumed about .09 mg of boron a day had the greatest risk of developing prostate problems.9

While in startling contrast, the men in the study who ate a boron-ample diet (approximately 1.8 mg daily) were 64% less likely to develop prostate problems!

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Again and again, studies have shown that boron may:

...Help avoid bone loss in older women

  • ...Protect the joints from painful inflammation

  • ...Increase the chances for long-term prostate health

  • ...Support immune system function throughout the body, and

  • ...Protect against age-related loss of memory and cognitive functions.10,11

Now here's the truly amazing thing...

Results of these studies have been available for almost two decades now, yet...

Most people still don't get enough — even if they eat a healthy diet!

Even the U.S. Government (usually the last to jump on the bandwagon) has acknowledged the importance of boron to a healthy diet.

In fact, as a result of their own studies, U.S. Department of Agriculture experts now suggest getting at least 3 mg of boron a day. And for optimal health, they suggest consuming 9-12 mg of boron per day.

However, most adults, even those eating a healthy diet, consume only about 1-2 mg of boron a day — a mere fraction of what their bodies need for optimal health.

Is it any wonder, then, that so many of us seem to "fall apart" as we age?

What to Do

So what should you do? Well, you could get all the boron you need through your diet. The trouble is, the foods that have become our staples are not very good sources. And if you're on a weight-loss diet (whether low-fat, or low carb), you're probably avoiding many of the things that are rich in boron, such as dried fruit and nuts.

The best way to be sure you're getting at least 9 mg of boron daily is to add a separate boron supplement to your daily multivitamin, or invest in a quality multivitamin.

Why the same old, same old doesn't work

So why don't you have boron in your multivitamin?

One reason is that many multivitamin manufacturers simply aren't paying attention. But another, greater reason is that it's cheaper for big vitamin manufacturers to use ordinary, sub-standard nutrients.

Sure, they include the minimum daily value of nutrients. But grab almost any multivitamin formula and you'll find NO boron listed among the ingredients.

In other words, the big vitamin manufacturers can ignore the scientific evidence, slap together the bare minimum, and not include trace elements like boron that are vital for optimal health.

But imagine what would happen if your supplement program finally provided your body with the nutrients it truly needs — and in the high potency amounts it needs for the best results.

Imagine never feeling draggy...tired...or run-down...

Couple Golfing

Imagine feeling like you can do anything you want again...

You'd feel better in a way you haven't felt in a long time!

You won't believe how good you'll feel when you have the right mix of high-powered supplements working for you.

Maybe you've tried to make up for what your multivitamin formula is missing by adding this nutrient or that nutrient. The problem with this mix-and-match approach is that some nutrients work better with other, specific nutrients. Like calcium and boron. And without some nutrients, other nutrients may hardly work at all (again, like calcium and boron). So, unless you've had years of training, mixing and matching nutrients can actually do you more harm than good!

At Advanced Bionutritionals, we've done all of that for you with our multivitamin, Healthy Resolve.

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Healthy Resolve

Healthy Resolve is an advanced multi-nutrient formula we developed to give you a more dramatic boost to your health and vitality. Healthy Resolve is a blend of 34 vitamins, minerals, and important micronutrients designed to give your body everything it needs for good health, at the optimal dosages.

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  • Sharp mind

  • Regular digestion

  • Supple, fresher-looking skin

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34 ways to supercharge your vitamin program

Healthy Resolve provides an easy way to supercharge your vitamin program because you get a complete multivitamin, including a blend of 34 vitamins, minerals, and important micronutrients, in every tablet.

Every serving of Healthy Resolve gives you what ordinary multivitamin formulas don't, including:

  • Highly available forms of vitamin A and vitamin E.

  • Vitamin D3, or Cholecalciferol — the body's natural form of vitamin D. D-3 is real vitamin D, and is synthesized naturally in the skin. All other compounds are either metabolic products or chemical modifications.

  • Complete B vitamin profile.

  • A highly absorbable form of calcium, calcium citrate. Studies show it's up to 10 times better absorbed when compared to calcium carbonate, the commonly used, cheaper form of calcium.

  • Tocotrienols and citrus bioflavonoids that provide hesperidin, quercetin, and rutin for added antioxidant protection, and

  • Trace minerals essential for complete nutrient metabolization, including magnesium, and yes, boron.

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PLUS...when you include Healthy Resolve as a part of your daily diet, you'll get mineral forms that are specially modified to be quickly and easily absorbed by your body.

You see, the best, most absorbable type of minerals are what are known as "amino acid chelates." Healthy Resolve uses amino acid chelates for its minerals. Other multivitamin formulas, even some of the more expensive ones, typically use only a few, cheaper, forms of amino acid chelates. And most formulas don't use them at all.

Sure, it would be cheaper to manufacture Healthy Resolve without this added expense. But we feel that it's important never to cut corners with your health, and science agrees with us.

Healthy Resolve Ingredients Click image to enlarge

You see, minerals don't like to be by themselves. Each mineral carries its own "ionic charge" that binds it to another substance, such as another mineral, an amino acid, or a vitamin. When you ingest one of these mineral compounds, the acid in your stomach breaks the mineral apart from what it's bound to.

But as I mentioned, minerals do not like to travel alone; they like to bind to another substance. So as it migrates to the small intestine, the newly freed-up mineral binds to the amino acids from the foods you ate.

The best way to nourish your body cells

This newly bound mineral-amino acid compound is then absorbed through the small intestine into the bloodstream, where it goes to nourish the various cells of your body. (This is why you're always advised to take your minerals with food.)

But here's the problem: The older you get, the less acid you have in your stomach. Without enough acid, a mineral compound like calcium carbonate won't break apart. So the mineral passes through your digestive tract unabsorbed.

That's where amino acid chelate forms come into play. In an amino acid chelate form, the mineral is ALREADY bound to an amino acid. So it's absorbed through the small intestine automatically. Even in people with impaired digestion.

By the way, among the mineral forms that do not use the superior amino acid chelates, there are different degrees of absorbability. Two forms that are notoriously poor are calcium carbonate and magnesium oxide12,13 - and they're commonly used by other multivitamin manufacturers. If you see any brands that contain these 2 forms, save your money!

But not Healthy Resolve. Healthy Resolve uses only amino acid chelate forms. Which means you can be sure you're getting the most possible benefits from the minerals in your Healthy Resolve multivitamin.

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Garret Wood

Garret W. Wood
President, Advanced Bionutritionals

P.S. Remember, all vitamins are NOT alike. Healthy Resolve keeps it simple by only using the purest, freshest nutrients available, in amounts necessary for optimal health. And it's fully protected by my 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. If Healthy Resolve does not meet your expectations for any reason, return the unused portion at any time for a full refund of that payment.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat, or prevent any disease.

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