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The New Government Regulation that Can
Destroy Your Health

Thanks to a new law, you're being forced to use one of the most dangerous toxins on the planet. Here's how to protect yourself now... before things get worse.

You may not realize it, but there's a hidden danger in your home that could be stealing your energy and making you feel tired all the time.

In fact, this hidden danger may also be the culprit behind your memory problems, aching joints, poor sleep, heartburn, constipation, low libido, and more. And if that's not bad enough, this hidden danger could even kill you.

What is this hidden danger? It's not carbon monoxide or mold. It's not a gun in an unlocked cabinet. (Although it might as well be.) It's something you have no choice but to have in your home. That's because the U.S. Government has now banned other, safer alternatives, so you're now forced to use it.

The danger I'm talking about is mercury.

Remember those old-fashioned mercury thermometers we all used to have in our medicine cabinets? Many of us got rid of them years ago when we found out a broken thermometer was dangerous.

Well, guess what? Inside your home you likely have the equivalent of at least a half-dozen or more items of those mercury glass thermometers — and they're just waiting to crack or break!

Where is this hidden mercury danger?

It's in the new energy efficient light bulbs
you're now required to use.

The light bulbs in your home have been or are about to be replaced by one of the new "energy efficient" bulbs. That's because the U.S. Department of Energy has now banned the production of all incandescent bulbs.1 So you're now forced to use energy-efficient light bulbs if you want to be able to turn on the lights in your home.

You've heard lots about how much better these bulbs are for the environment and how they save money. But what the powers that be aren't telling you is that these bulbs are loaded with mercury!

As you may know, mercury is one of the most toxic substances on the planet — more so than arsenic or lead. It's so dangerous, if you took the amount of mercury found in just one of these light bulbs and buried it in your back yard, you could be fined by the
Environmental Protection Agency. (That's right — you've got one government agency making you use mercury, and another agency fining you for using it!)

Yes, each light bulb contains dangerous amounts of mercury. And guess what happens if you drop one and it breaks — or worse, it cracks while it's still in a lamp or lighting fixture and you don't even know it?

Toxic mercury vapor leaks out.

When these energy-efficient bulbs break, the mercury inside them releases mercury vapor into the air. And this vapor is extremely dangerous. In its vapor form, mercury is instantly inhaled into your lungs and passed along to your bloodstream.

And even just a microscopic amount can cause lasting damage.

How mercury kills healthy cells and
devastates your immune system

Once it enters your bloodstream, mercury attaches to proteins and enzymes, altering their function and ultimately killing healthy cells.2 It also devastates your immune system and depletes your body of its most important antioxidant, glutathione (glue-tah-thigh-own).

This depletion of glutathione leaves you more prone to damage from toxins and free radicals. Plus a glutathione deficiency makes fatigue worse!

As dangerous as just a small amount of mercury can be to your health, it's shocking how much mercury vapor can be released by a single broken bulb. It's as high as 800 micrograms per cubic meter within the first hour.3 That's eight times the average mercury exposure limit for a full eight hours allowed by the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration (OSHA)! (I'm starting to wonder if these government agencies ever talk to each other.)

Here's something that's even scarier. The recommended mercury exposure limit for children is a mere 0.2 micrograms per cubic meter. So a young child exposed to a cracked energy efficient bulb will receive a whopping four thousand times the
recommended amount of mercury vapor!

If that amount isn't lethal, at the very least it could make a young child seriously ill.

But that's not all. If one of these newfangled light bulbs is ever cracked or broken in your home, it doesn't release all of the mercury right away. It takes a full four days for a damaged 13-watt energy efficient bulb to release just 30% of its mercury.

The rest of the mercury stays trapped in the bulb. So if you pick up shards with your bare hands even days later, or leave them in a poorly ventilated room, you also risk poisoning yourself!

Yet even if you never break or crack a single light bulb, your body is still soaking up heavy metals like mercury on a daily basis. And they may be having some surprising effects on your health...

What's really making you so tired — and how
to get back your
long-lasting energy

Let's start with fatigue. If you're wondering why you're so tired all the time and have
a lot less energy than you used to, the culprit could be mercury. Studies show mercury exposure can trigger fatigue, along with poor memory and focus, headaches, and other problems.4 Most doctors completely miss this hidden cause, even though this dangerous toxin is almost everywhere you look.

Do you suffer from any of these “unsolvable” health problems?

The real cause could be heavy metals and toxins!

Fatigue and lack of energy

Joint aches and stiffness

Trouble falling and staying asleep

Poor memory and brain “fog”

Heartburn, gas, constipation, and other digestive problems

Reduced sex drive or sexual performance

Blood sugar or blood pressure concerns

Frequent headaches or migraines

Keep reading to discover a natural, clinically-researched solution that can help you eliminate health-sapping toxins from your body fast…so you can feel more energized and finally put an end to your “unsolvable” health problems!

It's not just in the new energy-efficient light bulbs. You consume a little mercury whenever you eat fish or seafood. You breathe it in every time you fill up your gas tank.

And you unknowingly ingest mercury in many other ways, since it's hidden in cosmetics, laxatives, fabric softeners, air conditioner filters, most dental fillings, and flu shots and other vaccines.

All this mercury accumulates in your body over time. This build-up starts to take a toll on your health — unless you take steps to remove it.

In a moment, I'm going to tell you about a natural, simple, and clinically-proven solution that can do just that...and dramatically boost your energy and erase your most stubborn health problems. But first, let me introduce myself.

My name is Dr. Nan Kathryn Fuchs. For more than 30 years I've had patients come to me with frustrating health problems they couldn't get rid of.

They suffered from fatigue, joint aches, digestive problems, poor memory, and other health concerns. Yet nothing they tried seemed to help — whether it was a conventional or alternative therapy.

Once I started working with these patients, something remarkable happened. They finally started getting better. In some cases the transformation was downright amazing. Why?

Because instead of simply treating their symptoms, I began to address the real underlying cause of their health problems: toxins that had built up in their bodies for decades!

How to finally stop feeling so rotten
and start feeling like YOU again

If you're struggling to get rid of fatigue and other stubborn health problems, you, too, could be suffering from a build-up of mercury and other toxins. In fact, chances are good your body is overloaded with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and pollutants.

All that mercury I just told you about builds up in your body's cells and tissues over time. Meanwhile, lead, arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, and other toxic heavy metals are lurking in products you use every day and also pose serious risks.

On top of it all, the average American comes into contact with a slew of toxic chemicals and pesticides every day without realizing it. These toxic chemicals are in everything from plastic bottles to fruits, vegetables, bread, condiments, and much more.

Left unchecked, this nonstop toxic exposure can keep you from ever getting better — and can set you up for even worse health problems down the road. But what's really scary is, there are MORE of these toxic threats cropping up than ever before...and in some very surprising places.

Toothpaste, cold cuts, coffee mugs, and other hushed-up dangers in your home

You may be shocked to discover you’re constantly exposed to these four highly toxic heavy metals. Here’s where you’ll find them lurking in your home—and what they could be doing to your health!

LEAD. If you suffer from joint stiffness, allergies, blood pressure concerns, reduced libido, weakened immune function, or other chronic health problems, it could be due to lead. Every time you brush your teeth, you ingest some lead from an ingredient commonly found in toothpaste.

When you read the newspaper, you smudge your fingers with ink that may contain lead. And if you sip your morning coffee from a ceramic mug, you could be sipping a little lead along with it. You’ll also find lead in household dust, hair dyes, wine, and other products.


ARSENIC. Arsenic can kill you outright in large enough quantities. But even trace amounts can cause fatigue, stomach pain, diarrhea, confusion, headaches, muscle weakness, and much more. This toxic heavy metal is hidden in many foods and household products, including seafood like shrimp, mussels, and oysters, insect sprays, or treated wood products like decks or playground equipment.


ALUMINUM. Aluminum is linked to mental decline, bone loss, constipation, gas, heartburn, skin problems, and much more. And it’s lurking in everything from antacids, aspirin, and deodorants to milk, beer, and cheese.


CADMIUM. Cadmium can trigger impotence, heart and liver problems, digestive disturbances, headaches and migraines, blood sugar concerns, and much more. It’s commonly found in cold cuts, oysters, refined grains, soft drinks, and even drinking  water.

While it may be impossible to avoid these heavy metals, you can do something to limit their damaging effects on your body. Keep reading to find out more about a natural, clinically proven solution that can help you eliminate this toxic load from your body—and dramatically boost your energy and your health!

I'm going to share with you the same natural, clinically proven breakthrough I've used with patients to help them detoxify their bodies, get back their energy, and get rid of their stubborn health problems. But first, let me warn you about another household item you're constantly in contact with that you probably never dreamed could be harmful to your health...

As much as 10% of your sofa's
weight could be toxic chemicals!

If you have a sofa, think about this: Every time you sit down on it you could be exposed to a dangerous toxic chemical. What is this toxic chemical? Fire retardant.

The state of California has required the use of fire retardants in furniture since 1975. As a result, most furniture manufacturers douse their upholstered sofas and chairs with this hazardous chemical, no matter which state the furniture is sold in.

You might think we need fire retardants for safety, right? But guess what...we don't. A recent article in The New York Times cited a top fire safety scientist who claims fire retardants provide little if any delay in order to escape a fire. They also lead to much more toxic fumes.5

So why do we have these dangerous chemicals in our sofas and chairs? Because of lobbying.

Thanks to the strong lobbying power of the chemical industry, manufacturers aren't just
required to use fire retardants. They're encouraged to pour enough fire retardant into the foam of your upholstered sofa, loveseat, or favorite chair to make up as much as 10% of its weight!6

This overload of hormone-disrupting chemicals has been shown to be toxic to your brain
and reproductive system in hundreds of studies.7 Other research links fire retardants to
obesity, abnormal cell growth, children's learning disorders, and much more.8

If you have a chair or sofa in your home, chances are good it contains these hazardous
chemicals. A joint Duke University and University of California-Berkeley study found a whopping 85% of sofas in people's homes have been treated with fire retardants.9 This doesn't just include upholstered furniture, it includes leather — since it's the foam cushions inside that are soaked with these harmful chemicals.

Many of these fire retardants are so unsafe, they're now banned from being used. But sofas and chairs that contain them are still sitting in millions of homes today — maybe even yours! That's especially true if your furniture is more than 10 years old, since prior to 2005, manufacturers used the most dangerous fire retardants.10

But there's another dangerous chemical you come into contact with daily...and it's hiding in some of the "healthiest" foods you eat each day!

Why even organic produce isn't safe

If you're like most of my readers and patients, you try to eat a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You might even try to buy organic most of the time.

But the truth is, the use of pesticides on ALL of our food is so widespread, it's impossible to avoid completely. Even if you eat organic, you're still getting some of the run-off from pesticides used on other crops.

It's no wonder the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) now reports more than 90% of U.S. residents carry a mixture of toxic pesticides in their bodies!11

This alarmingly high percentage ONLY includes exposure to DDT and 42 other common pesticides. Yet there are 1,241 other pesticide compounds you're also exposed to in tens of thousands of products.

Banned in Europe, 100% legal here in the U.S.!

The amount of pesticides the average American is exposed to keeps climbing to ever higher levels. One of the most common pesticide compounds is pyrethroids (pie-ree-throids). This dangerous compound showed up in more than 75% of the people tested in the CDC research report I just told you about.

The hidden health hazard in your mouth

…and the simple, 24-hour fix that can keep it from destroying your memory!

Believe it or not, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates there are over 1,000 tons of mercury residing in the mouths of Americans today in the form of dental fillings.

That’s right, according to researchers, those fillings you may have had sitting in your mouth for decades could be releasing as much as 10 micrograms of mercury into your body each day.

Think about what that steady release of mercury may be doing to your memory and brain!

Here’s what’s even worse. If you chew gum regularly, you’re releasing even more mercury into your body. One recent study found that heavy gum chewers had three times the amount of mercury in urine than did infrequent chewers!22

The good news is, you can easily eliminate the build-up and steady release of mercury in your body by taking Pectasol Detox Formula each day. By doing so, you’ll eliminate up to five-and-a-half times more heavy metals and toxins within the first 24 hours.

Pyrethroids are insecticides widely used in agriculture, in home and garden pest products, and for lice control. They've been shown to trigger vomiting, diarrhea, and a "pins and needles" sensation on your skin. Meanwhile, chronic, long-term exposure can produce damaging effects on your brain and nervous system.12

Think about it...these chemicals are toxic enough to the nervous system of bugs that they kill them almost instantly. So it's no wonder they can harm the brains and nervous systems of humans as well. Yet many of the foods we eat here in the U.S. contain these toxic pesticides — which are so dangerous the European Union is in the process of banning them!13

I just told you about hidden toxins you're exposed to from light bulbs, upholstered furniture, pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables, and more. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are many other hidden threats like these in your home and in the food you eat. Yet chances are you or your doctor isn't connecting these hazardous yet 100% legal chemicals and heavy metals to your stubborn health problems. But the undeniable truth is...

This poisonous chemical soup is
making you and your family SICK!

At no other time in history has the human body been bombarded with so many toxins. This accumulated, piled on, decades' worth of toxic build-up in your body's cells and organs adds up to a major health risk. And it's being all but IGNORED by most doctors and the rest of the mainstream health establishment.

The truth is, your body was designed to handle a much lower toxic load than what you're exposed to now. It's getting sacked with an overwhelming amount of chemicals,
heavy metals, and other poisons on a daily basis.

And your body's detoxifying organs can't get rid of them all on its own. So these toxins' negative effects often go unnoticed...until the damage is done!

In fact, according to Matthew Cave, MD, assistant professor of medicine at the University of Louisville, more than 1-in-3 American adults has suffered liver damage.14 And that's excluding people with hepatitis or alcoholism. He based this figure on the percentage of people he evaluated with abnormal levels of a liver enzyme associated with liver injury.

While rising rates of obesity are a factor, Dr. Cave believes ongoing low-level exposure to environmental pollutants— such as pesticides and heavy metals— are also to blame. That's because these toxins increase levels of a liver enzyme associated with liver injury...making your liver less able to perform its detoxifying duties.

This build-up of toxins puts a huge burden not just on your liver, but on other vital organs over time. And it's making you sicker each day. So how can you protect yourself?

In just 24 hours, you could start eliminating
dangerous toxins
from your body!

You might think there's nothing you can do about these toxins building up in your body and causing so many health problems. But the good news is, there IS a solution that's easy, works quickly, and is proven to work in human clinical studies.

I've been getting letters for years from people who say this simple detox solution has worked wonders for even their most stubborn health problems, including fatigue. And as
I mentioned earlier, I've seen some amazing transformations with my patients who've used it also.

What is this simple yet powerful solution?

It's NOT a juice or lemon water cleanse.

It's NOT a harsh mixture of laxative-like ingredients, either.

It's a 100% natural supplement that's been proven in human clinical trials to start reducing your body's toxic load in as little as 24 hours.

This exciting detox breakthrough is called Pectasol® Detox Formula — and it's gentle but powerfully effective. Its main ingredient is a unique, patented form of modified citrus
pectin (MCP).

Think you’re playing it “safe” by avoiding BPA? Think again!

Perhaps you’ve taken steps to limit yours and your family’s exposure to pesticides and chemicals. For example, in order to avoid dangerous hormone-disrupting bisphenol A (BPA), you may have switched from regular plastic bottles and containers to BPA-free ones.

After all, the BPA-free ones are supposed to keep you safe from the dangers of BPA. This nasty chemical has been linked to increased risk of obesity,23 altered immune function,24 stimulation of abnormal prostate cells,25 blood sugar and heart concerns,26 and much more.

Yet even when you think you’re playing it safe, you’re not. That’s because once consumers and the FDA started putting pressure on the plastics industry to stop using BPA, they simply switched to using other hormone-disrupting chemicals like bisphenol S (BPS) that are just as bad!

BPS is similar in structure to BPA and is found almost everywhere, including plastic
microwaveable containers, the linings of canned foods and drinks, and plastic milk jugs and water bottles. And it acts in a similar way in your body, too. Like BPA, BPS disrupts hormone activity and changes cell growth patterns.

You can try to avoid BPS exposure by limiting your use of bottled water and canned food, but it’s impossible to steer clear of it completely. That’s why I recommend you take Pectasol Detox Formula each day. This unique combination of modified citrus pectin and alginate helps trap health-destroying chemicals and pesticides that are stored in your body and eliminate them.

MCP comes from the rinds of citrus fruits. It's a potent chelating substance for removing heavy metals and toxins.

But there's a problem with most kinds of MCP. Because they come from long-chain
carbohydrates, they can be too large for your body to absorb. Even taking large amounts of powdered MCP mixed with water may not be well enough absorbed to have a beneficial effect.

The only natural detox
solution proven
to work in
human clinical trials

That's why Pectasol® Detox Formula contains a patented form of MCP called Pectasol®. Pectasol® is the ONLY form of MCP — and the only natural detox solution, period — that's been clinically proven to detoxify and eliminate heavy metals in human studies.

In one clinical trial, patients were tested for 20 different toxic heavy metals, as well as helpful minerals like calcium and magnesium. They were then given Pectasol® to take daily.

Six days later, the researchers measured the patients' levels of heavy metals and minerals again. And the results were extraordinary. Those people who took Pectasol® decreased their bodies' levels of toxic heavy metals by a HUGE amount. They got rid of as much as 560% more lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum. That's more than five and a half times!15

Even after just 24 hours, Pectasol® was shown to have a dramatic effect — eliminating up to 130% more mercury, arsenic, and cadmium. At the same time, there was little or no depletion of calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, or other minerals your
body needs to maintain good health. And NO side effects were reported, either. So Pectasol® Detox Formula is not only the most effective way I know of to get rid of toxins in your body, it's the safest!

Helps your body purge itself of
five-and-a-half times
more toxins!

What makes Pectasol® so effective? Its long-chain carbohydrate molecules have been shortened into much smaller molecules using a safe, proven proprietary process. These smaller molecules are more easily absorbed than other citrus pectins. So you get a faster, deeper-cleaning benefit!

But Pectasol®'s smaller and more easily-absorbed carbohydrate molecules offer you one more important advantage. They provide a unique "zig-zag" structure that traps toxins and whisks them out of your body.

This zig-zag structure stacks the molecules and forms an egg-box shape. The "egg-box" collects toxins that have stored up in your body's cells and organs for years. It then clears them out through your digestive tract.

As a result, Pectasol® acts like a magnet for heavy metals and other toxins. Once it's pulled these toxins from where they're stored in your body's cells, it eliminates them — starting in as little as 24 hours!

You can see how the special form of modified citrus pectin you get in Pectasol® Detox Formula can help you significantly reduce your body's toxic load of heavy metals. But what about all those dangerous chemicals and pesticides I told you about earlier that
you're constantly exposed to?

Sweeps away health-destroying
chemicals and pesticides too!

Pectasol® Detox Formula can rid your body of these dangerous toxins as well. You see, this advanced formula does more than just boost your body's ability to flush out dangerous toxins and heavy metals. It contains alginate, a potent, natural detoxifier
derived from seaweed.

Alginate helps ward off the damaging effects of health-destroying chemicals, pesticides,
and heavy metals by blocking their absorption. According to studies at McGill University,
alginates bind to toxins in your food right in your digestive tract.16

As a result, the toxins are eliminated before they can enter your bloodstream or your tissues. Remarkably, alginate can have a powerful effect against even the most deadly toxins. Take, for example, the tragic use of pesticides for self-harm that's common in rural developing countries. Research shows these cheap and easily available poisons account for over 60% of suicides in rural China, 71% in Sri Lanka, and 90% in Malaysia.17

In an effort to reduce the high rate of suicides seen with the widely-used pesticide paraquat, a new paraquat formulation was developed. This new formulation included alginate, since it's able to form a gel-like coating in the stomach. Having this coating would slow the absorption of the paraquat, giving another ingredient in the formula time to induce vomiting.

Researchers decided to examine the effects of the new paraquat formulation versus the old one. They looked at 586 people in Sri Lanka. Half of them had ingested paraquat that contained alginate, while the other half had ingested paraquat that didn't contain

The researchers compared the survival rates of the two groups. They found that a whopping 35% more people were able to survive at least three months after undergoing paraquat poisoning when they took the formula that contained alginate.18 That's pretty amazing!

The patented form of alginate you get in Pectasol® Detox Formula has a unique, toxin-trapping molecular structure. This makes it highly effective, even in an acidic environment like that found in your stomach. Together with Pectasol® modified citrus pectin, it has a fast-acting, deep-cleaning, and protective effect on all of your body's cells and organs.

Why “dust bunnies” may be as toxic as sewage sludge

Chances are good your favorite chair or sofa contains hazardous chemicals from the
mandated use of toxic flame retardants. But it’s not just your sofa or chair you need to worry about.

No matter how clean you keep your home, there could be another toxic threat lurking under upholstered furniture, tables, beds, or rugs. What is it?

Toxic “dust bunnies”!

New research shows the amount of hazardous chemicals in dust is almost as high as in sewage sludge.27 That’s because the flame retardants used in sofas and other upholstered furniture aren’t bound to the material and can easily migrate.28 So they end up leaching out into household dust.

These toxic dust bunnies can easily come into contact with pets and people—especially small children who are often on floors and put their hands in their mouths. The good news is, you can significantly boost your body’s ability to clear these toxins from your body’s systems. All you need to do is take Pectasol Detox Formula each day.

This clinically proven, 100% natural formula is now available to you at special introductory savings. To order, follow this LINK now.

But Pectasol® Detox Formula does something else besides rid your body of toxins...

Wards off evil compound in your
body that speeds up aging

Pectasol Detox Formula can also help ward off a "rogue" protein molecule produced in your body called galectin-3. Research shows galectin-3 levels shoot up dramatically as you age.19 And this can spell trouble for your memory, joints, immune system, and heart health.

That's because hundreds of recent studies show galectin-3 may be the culprit behind unhealthy inflammation.20 As a result, it can speed up aging and make you even more vulnerable to the dangerous effects of heavy metals and toxins.

Pectasol Detox Formula helps reverse this trend and support healthy aging. In a recent study, researchers looked at its effects on mice with injuries to their kidneys.21 The researchers found those treated with Pectasol® experienced less swelling and inflammation.

More research is currently being done to understand how Pectasol® Detox Formula promotes healthy inflammatory response. But by simply taking this formula each day, you could reduce galectin-3 and slow aging. That's because the pectin fibers in Pectasol® help sweep excess galectin-3 molecules that speed up aging out of your body...just as they do with heavy metals, pesticides, chemicals, and other toxins!


Feel more energized than you have in
 years with this clinically-proven detox solution

I hope you can see why Pectasol® Detox Formula is my top recommendation for
anyone who's struggled with fatigue or other stubborn health problems, or who just wants to clear away toxic "gunk." Getting rid of this toxic build-up could be one of the best things you ever do for your health!

It's important to remember these toxins in your body didn't build up overnight. They became stored in your body's cells and tissues after decades of exposure. So it takes a
while to get rid of them. Plus you're bombarded by a barrage of new toxins every day from all directions.

That's why it's so important to get started today on Pectasol® Detox Formula and keep taking it. In just the first 24 hours, you'll begin to reduce your body's toxic load and make your entire body healthier. And with each passing day, you'll clear away more of this
toxic build-up. Plus you'll also help fend off all the everyday toxins to which you're constantly exposed.

This clinically-proven solution is the best way I know to detoxify your body of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins and send your energy soaring. Plus it's the only natural way to bring your galectin-3 levels down to normal, healthy levels.

Get ready to notice a dramatic
difference in just weeks or even days!

I think you're going to be amazed how fast you notice a difference once you start reducing your body's toxic load. That's because Pectasol® Detox Formula is absorbed so quickly and easily, many people notice a dramatic, energizing difference in just weeks or even days! Here are just a few of the health "miracles" delighted people have written to tell us about...


Mary Niesenbaum of California says she's getting strong again at age 62: "Pectasol® Detox Formula has taken me to the next level and the improvement is continuing. My supplements work better and my general health, memory, and thinking process have improved. I am rebuilding muscle and getting strong again at age 62. My vision and hearing have improved as well as my blood pressure. My swimming form is even coming back!"


Erna K. Black of Florida says her knees feel better and she enjoys endless energy: "In the past few weeks while taking Pectasol® Detox Formula my knees felt better. It was really noticeable. After I finished three bottles, I noticed that I had no morning stiffness and was sleeping much better. I am doing yoga again, and people who are younger than me tell me I am their inspiration. I am 80-plus years young...and I have endless energy!"


89-year-old Donald Ryan of Arizona says this formula helps him stay active and alert: "In the two months since I started taking Pectasol® Detox Formula, I've noticed I'm more alert, sleep better at night, and don't have any more nausea. At age 89, this is a wonderful product to keep me active and alert with no morning stiffness."

Are you ready to experience your
own health "miracle"?

Imagine how much better you'll feel once you start clearing away toxins you've been carrying around for decades — and get your galectin-3 levels back in your "younger days" zone. In no time you may start to notice...

  • You enjoy a long-lasting surge of energy that makes you feel younger than you have in years...
  • Your joints bend more easily and you no longer have morning stiffness...
  • You stop forgetting important details and feel more focused and alert...
  • You have fewer headaches and your mood becomes more positive and upbeat...
  • You enjoy improved digestion and suffer less heartburn, constipation, and gas...
  • You sleep better at night and feel more invigorated in the bedroom...
  • You even walk better and worry less about keeping your independence...

And most important of all...

  • Your body's cells, immune system, arteries, and vital organs begin to thrive without the constant burden of heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other toxins!

Answers to your most frequently-asked questions about Pectasol® Detox Formula…

Q: I don’t suffer from any of the health concerns you listed. How do I know if I have a problem with toxins?

A:  Because toxins build up in your body over time due to repeated exposure, their immediate effects may not be obvious. If you find that you have less energy than you did five years ago…have more trouble recalling details…or have more back or joint aches than you used to, you could be chalking it up to “old age” when the real culprit is toxins. Scientists have discovered many health consequences linked to heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals. And it’s practically impossible to avoid these toxins completely.

Q: Can I take another brand of modified citrus pectin and get the same health benefits?

A:The unique forms of modified citrus pectin (MCP) and alginate in Pectasol® Detox Formula are made up of specially-modified molecules that are more easily absorbed by your body. They also trap or block toxins more effectively and work in a low pH environment, like that in your stomach. Pectasol® MCP is the only natural solution that’s been proven to remove heavy metals in human clinical studies. What’s more, it’s the only natural solution that’s been shown to reduce galectin-3 to healthy levels.

Q: Will I experience any negative side effects from taking Pectasol® Detox Formula?

A: No negative side effects have ever been reported in human clinical studies with Pectasol®…even at dosages much higher than what you get in Pectasol® Detox Formula. That’s because modified citrus pectin is a completely natural substance. Nothing artificial is added. What’s more, alginates have been used for decades to safely and effectively treat exposure to toxic metals, pesticides, chemicals, and radioactive isotopes.

Q: How will I know if Pectasol® Detox Formula is working for me?

APectasol® Detox Formula contains two powerful toxin fighters—a special, patented form of modified citrus pectin called Pectasol® and alginate. Together, they clean your body like nothing else, eliminating years of toxic build-up from exposure to heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other environmental poisons. Once you start eliminating these toxins from your body, you’ll likely notice many of your stubborn health problems go away. You may feel more energized, sleep better at night, improve your thinking and memory, bend and move more easily without discomfort, enjoy smoother digestion, and notice other positive changes

Q: I’ve read that tuna and other fish are contaminated with mercury. Does Pectasol® Detox Formula help with that?

A:  Yes. Taking 2 additional capsules of Pectasol® Detox Formula before you sit down to a meal containing seafood can give you a protective boost. That’s because the formula contains a patented form of alginate that binds to toxins in your digestive tract and removes them from your body before they can even be absorbed and cause harm.

Q: Will Pectasol® Detox Formula reduce the effectiveness of my vitamins and other supplements?

A:  No. Studies show that it does not affect the essential minerals your body needs. So while it eliminates toxic metals like lead, mercury, and aluminum, it doesn’t deplete your body of crucial minerals like calcium, magnesium, or zinc. It won’t reduce the effectiveness or interfere with your supplements.

Q:Where can I order Pectasol® Detox Formula? Is it available in stores?

A:  In order to maintain our strict controls on quality and freshness, Pectasol® Detox Formula is not available in stores. But you can order it from Advanced Bionutritionals. You can call them toll-free at 1-800-791-3395 to place your order now.

Think about how enjoying all of these wonderful benefits can change your life for the better. You'll be able to play for hours with your grandchildren — without fatigue or stiff, aching joints getting in the way. You'll be able to recall names or where you put your car keys more easily, and feel more "on the ball".

On top of it all, you'll enjoy the peace of mind of  knowing you're taking steps to slow aging and protect your heart, immune, and brain health due to years of
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I know firsthand how powerful PectaSol® Detox Formula is and we stand by this amazing product. That's why we're putting our money where our mouth is — with an unconditional 100% money back guarantee. You risk nothing.

Simply try PectaSol® Detox Formula and if you don't agree that it's the most gentle, effective, clinically proven, detoxification supplement you've ever tried, simply send back the empty bottle and we'll refund you every penny you paid.

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Yours in health,

Nan Kathryn Fuchs, Ph.D.

P.S. The best way I know to jumpstart your energy and dramatically reduce your body's toxic load is to take Pectasol® Detox Formula each day. And now it's easier and more affordable than ever to get started. Call toll-free 1-800-791-3395 or follow this link to order. Your complete satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!


Dr. Nan Fuchs is compensated by Advanced Bionutritionals for her work in endorsing this product.

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