Banned in 1920... proven to build stronger bones in 2015

New studies confirm this ingredient in a once-illegal beverage increases bone density

What if one of the best things you could take for your bones was banned in 1920?

What if an ingredient in that banned substance was proven to increase bone density in the neck... back... and legs of more than 3,198 women?

And what if that ingredient was perfectly legal... perfectly safe... and available without a prescription?

Well, it's true.

There is a bone-building substance that was banned in 1920, but is now legal. And that substance is... beer. Yes, beer.

Let me tell you the story of Betsy Stanford:

Betsy Stanford is 107 years old. She lives in a third-floor walkup apartment in Washington D.C.

She walks up and down the stairs to get her mail. She cooks and cleans for herself. She even goes to the movies with her friends.

So when a reporter from The Washington Post asked Betsy how she kept her body so strong, she said, “I drink beer. It's good for you, baby!”

As it turns out, there's truth to Betsy's statement. That's because new research from The National Institute of Health shows that an ingredient in beer builds bone and collagen in women.

This ingredient is called orthosilicic acid, and it comes from the hops in beer. Studies show that orthosilicic acid causes your body to make osteoblasts, the cells that build bone. So the more orthosilicic acid you have, the more osteoblasts you'll make, and the denser your bones will be.

This was demonstrated in the famous Framingham study. In that study, doctors examined tens of thousands of women. They found that 2,847 of these women had super dense bones. When they looked closer, they found that these women had higher levels of orthosilicic acid in their bloodstream.1

After the Framingham study found this link between orthosilicic acid and strong bones, scientists conducted more research on this acid:

  • In one study, orthosilicic acid increased bone density in the necks of 3,198 postmenopausal women.2

  • In another study, orthosilicic acid improved leg bone density in women.3

  • And in still another study, orthosilicic acid improved bone density in the spines of women.4

  • Perhaps that's why Betsy Stanford is so mobile at 107. After all, Betsy's “beer-a-day” habit gives her all the orthosilicic acid she needs to keep her bones strong at 107.

The good news is that you don't have to drink beer every day to give your bones the orthosilicic acid they need. All you have to do is take an extract of hops. In fact, you can take the same beer-hops extract that was used in the three studies I just told you about!

This hops extract is one of the best ways to build and maintain strong bones. When I saw the research on hops extract, I knew I had to make it available to my patients and my readers. So I got together with my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals and created a bone-health supplement called Ultimate Bone Support.This advanced formula gives you the ideal mix of bone building nutrients based on the latest, cutting-edge science.

In addition to hops extract, Ultimate Bone Support contains 9 other ingredients…

The little-known mineral that builds bone better than calcium

Maybe you take calcium supplements to build strong bones. Maybe you drink milk to build strong bones. Or maybe you eat calcium-fortified foods to build strong bones.

But have you ever stopped to ask yourself this:

If calcium works so well to build strong bones, then why do millions of American women fracture a bone each year? And why do women in the United States have weaker bones than the women in countries where women don't take calcium?

The answer to these questions is that calcium is NOT the “magic bullet” we've been told it is. And while I encourage you to get some calcium in your diet, there are other bone-building minerals that work much better than calcium.

One of these overlooked minerals is strontium.

Most women have never heard of strontium. And when I first tell them about it, they think it sounds strange and mysterious. But there's nothing really mysterious or scary about it.

Strontium has been used for bone health for decades. In fact, if you've ever used Sensodyne toothpaste, then you yourself have used strontium. That's because strontium is the active ingredient in Sensodyne. It's the reason that Sensodyne helps people with sensitive teeth keep their teeth strong.

The good news is that doctors are starting to catch up with what dentists have known for years. In the past few years, more than 400 studies have come out showing that strontium works to build strong bones, and that it works better than calcium. And many of these studies are large, double-blind studies from some of the leading institutions around the world.

In one double-blind study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, 1,649 women taking strontium had fewer spinal fractures. These women had stronger back and neck bones. And these women kept their bones strong five years after the study.5

In another double-blind study, 5,091 women taking strontium had fewer spinal fractures ... fewer hip fractures... and fewer neck fractures.6 And in yet another double-blind study, 1,431 women had denser neck and back bones thanks to a daily strontium supplement.7

That's a total of 8,171 women with stronger, sturdier and more stable bones thanks to strontium. What's more, the prestigious Mayo Clinic even did their own strontium study—and found that strontium builds stronger bones in 84% of the people taking it.8

Increase your bone density with strontium

I take strontium each day. And I recommend you take it too. Just make sure you don't take strontium with calcium. That's because strontium and calcium compete with one another for absorption.

The Ingredient in Toothpaste That Builds Bones Better Than Calcium

(Hint: It's not fluoride)

If you'd like stronger, denser bones, then listen to this: You may be brushing your teeth with something that studies show builds stronger bones. The toothpaste is called Sensodyne. And the active ingredient in Sensodyne is something called strontium.

Strontium has been used for decades to build bone. In fact, more than 400 studies have come out showing that strontium builds bone, and that it works better than calcium. Many of these studies are double-blind, placebo controlled, from leading institutions around the world.

Dentists have known for years about strontium's effectiveness. And doctors are beginning to catch up too. Continue reading this special health report to see how it can build stronger, denser bones in you.

Strontium is one of the greatest bone health breakthroughs to come along in years. And there's more good news because Ultimate Bone Support contains strontium too. That means that one daily dose of Ultimate Bone Support contains all the strontium and orthosilicic acid you need.

What's more, more than 77,000 women have started taking Ultimate Bone Support. And these women write and tell me how Ultimate Bone Support has increased their bone density … stopped their bone loss … and helped them avoid bone fractures.

But that's not all. I've also included several other bone-building ingredients…

How these women have the strongest bones on earth despite living in poverty

Women in sub-Saharan Africa don't take calcium supplements. They don't go to the gym. They don't eat many dairy products. And yet they have some of the strongest bones in the world. In fact, according to new research from The Mayo Clinic and Yale University, bone fractures are virtually unknown in sub-Saharan Africa.

So why do women in Africa have strong bones despite their habits? Their secret is that they spend a lot of time in the sun. Because their skin is exposed to so much sunlight, they produce lots of vitamin D. And this vitamin D helps build bone in these poverty stricken women.

Does that mean you should spend hours in the sun? No. In fact, there's an easier way to keep your bones strong without doing this. I recommend you take a vitamin D supplement. And the best, most absorbable form of vitamin D you can take is called cholecalciferol.

According to new research, 700 IU of daily cholecalciferol reduced hip fractures in women by up to 60%. And according to more research, cholecalciferol healed wrist and spinal fractures in 3,270 women.

So if you decide to take cholecalciferol, then your bones will get much of the bone building vitamin D they need to stay strong and healthy.

For this reason, I've included 800 IU of cholecalciferol in each dose of Ultimate Bone Support. So on top of getting 500 mg of strontium and orthosilicic acid in Ultimate Bone Support, you'll also get a scientifically proven dose of cholecalciferol to keep your bones strong.

And here's another ingredient you need to know about that can keep your bones strong, sturdy and dense...

The truth about a bone-building nutrient that gets little respect

There's a bone-building nutrient that hasn't received much attention in the media. It's possible your doctor hasn't discussed it with you either. And that's in spite of evidence that shows it reduces spinal fractures. It reduces hip fractures. And it even reduces leg and wrist fractures.

You know it as vitamin K.

Did you know that 13 clinical studies found that vitamin K reduced vertebral fractures by 60%... hip fractures by 77%... and all other fractures by 81%? It's true. Did you also know that unless you eat platefuls of dark green vegetables like mustard greens, kale and spinach—then your bones may not get enough vitamin K? It's true too.9

There's even more proof that vitamin K builds strong bones. Plus, there's an easier way to get vitamin K without eating platefuls of dark green vegetables. Take a look at this...

Harvard researchers discover that vitamin K reduces hip fractures by up to 45%

In a breakthrough study, Harvard researchers followed 72,327 nurses. And what they found was that those who took vitamin K were 45% less likely to fracture a hip.10

That's because vitamin K activates two proteins in your body called Osteocalcin and Matrix-Gla. Osteocalcin deposits calcium to your bones—while Matrix-Gla prevents calcium from building up in your heart, arteries, breasts and kidneys.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

Q:  Is strontium safe?

A:  Absolutely. Strontium is a trace mineral that's found in seawater and soil. And when given to people, it's proven safe and effective in 400 studies on more than 8,171 women. Many of these studies are doubleblind studies from leading institutions around the world.

Strontium's also been recommended by dentists in the toothpaste Sensodyne. And, strontium is found in trace amounts in seafood, milk, wheat bran, meat, poultry and root vegetables. So chances are good you've already consumed strontium.

The fact of the matter is you have nothing to worry about if you decide to take strontium. I take it every day. And I recommend it to my patients.

Q:  Why doesn't Ultimate Bone Support have calcium in it?

A:  Calcium and strontium compete with each other for absorption, so you can't take both at the same time. Since strontium is more effective at building bone, we put that in our formula and left the calcium out.

If you want to take calcium on your own, you can do so, as long as you take it at least 2 hours apart from Ultimate Bone Support.

Q:  I've tried other bone-building supplements, but I didn't have much success with them. Why should I bother with Ultimate Bone Support?

A:  Many bone supplements are incomplete. They lack one, or two—or several ingredients your bones need to get stronger. Manufacturers oftentimes leave out ingredients because they're expensive. But that's how Ultimate Bone Support  is different. Ultimate Bone Support  includes all ten ingredients proven to strengthen your bones.

Q:  How much Ultimate Bone Support should I take?

A:  Two tablets a day is all you need.

Q:  Where can I get Ultimate Bone Support?

A:  Ultimate Bone Support is not available in stores. The only way to get it is through this special offer. Simply follow this LINK, or call 1-800- 791-3395. And we'll rush your shipment to your front door.

And by activating these proteins, vitamin K forces calcium to stick to your bones instead of causing an artery-clogging heart attack.

Tufts University found something similar. In their study, Tufts scientists looked at 888 women. And what these scientists found was that the women who got the most vitamin K decreased their risk of hip fracture by 65%.11

That's pretty impressive. But here's one last piece of the vitamin K puzzle that I haven't told you about:

The best kind of vitamin K you can take

The research on vitamin K's role in bone health is remarkable.

But be careful taking any old vitamin K supplement. That's because much of the vitamin K found at your local health food and drug stores contain vitamin K1, which is a cheaper, synthetic version your body doesn't absorb well.

That's why I suggest you take vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is an all-natural form of vitamin K that's absorbed ten times more than vitamin K1. And that means your bones get 10x the protection.

Let's keep moving, since there's another secret ingredient that few women know about to build strong bones...

The most important amino acid for maintaining strong bones

Tap any bone in your skeletal system, and you'd see that it is hard much like a seashell. But what isn't so obvious is that holding your bones together is a softer substance called collagen.

Collagen is like “glue.” It holds your bones together—so when you walk and bend down and lift anything—your bones move in unison instead of collapsing.

And to build collagen you need an amino acid called L-lysine. The problem is that many women are deficient in L-lysine since it's found in weird protein sources like chicken gizzard, snail meat, and shellfish. So if you don't eat chicken gizzard, snail meat, and shellfish on a regular basis, then you may lack L-lysine. And if you lack L-lysine, then your bones could be vulnerable to a break.

L-lysine helps heal broken bones two weeks faster in women

In addition to “gluing” your bones together, L-lysine also helps your body absorb calcium. It also decreases the amount of calcium you lose in your urine. And it repairs bone fractures faster than a placebo.

In one study, L-lysine helped participants heal their broken bones two weeks faster than a placebo group.12

In another study, 400 mg of L-lysine helped osteoporotic women absorb more calcium and excrete less in their urine.13

And in still another study, researchers found that L-lysine may prevent osteoporosis. And so, if you'd like to get enough L-lysine but don't like eating chicken gizzard, snail meat or shellfish... then you may want to try an L-lysine supplement. Studies show that 400 mg of daily L-lysine keeps your bones “glued” together.

And if you take L-lysine with all the other ingredients we've already discussed, you can stop worrying about fracturing a bone, and you can start enjoying your life. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that the six ingredients we've discussed are the safest, scientifically proven ingredients to keep your bones strong, sturdy and durable. And on top of orthosilicic acid, strontium, vitamin D3, vitamin K2 and L-lysine...

Ultimate Bone Support also contains these 4 additional bone-stabilizing nutrients:

  • Boron—Boron plays a major role in increasing bone strength, preserving bone mass and slowing bone loss. In fact, one study by the USDA found that women who took boron had stronger bones since they absorbed 44% more calcium.

    Other studies found that 2 mg per day can keep your bones strong and sturdy.14

  • Manganese—Researchers discovered that manganese promotes bone growth... builds cartilage... and slows bone loss. They also discovered that women with osteoporosis have lower levels of manganese.13

    And yet American women only get 68% of the manganese they need each day.14 That's why I recommend you get 10 mg of manganese each day to keep your bones strong and sturdy.

  • Copper—According to studies, copper slows bone loss. It builds and maintains bone. And it increases cartilage formation and mineral absorption.15

    And so your bones have enough copper to stay healthy, you should take at least 2 mg of copper each day.

  • Zinc—According to one study, zinc builds bone. According to another study, zinc increases mineral uptake and bone growth. And according to another study, zinc may prevent bones from becoming brittle.16 That's why I recommend you get 15 mg a day of zinc in its absorbable chelate form.

Ultimate Bone Support Saves You Money:

Here's how much you would have to pay if you purchased the individual nutrients already contained in Ultimate Bone Support:


Hops extract - $8.33

strontium - $9.95

Vitamin D3 - $10.09

Vitamin K2 - $12.59

L-lysine - readily available

Boron - $23.44 (raw herb)

Manganese - $10.64

Copper - $9.95

Zinc - $10.49

Total Monthly Cost: - $154.97

Ultimate Bone Support: $29.95


These 10 nutrients can keep your bones strong and fracture-free

By now you can see how each ingredient promotes bone growth, slows bone loss or builds collagen inside your body.

And since strong bones give you the freedom to play with your grandchildren... drive yourself to the grocery store... even walk your dog in the park—taking care of them should be at the top of your priority list!

Every day I take all ten ingredients we discussed. And I recommend you do the same if you want strong bones too. And that's because, as I already mentioned, Ultimate Bone Support contains an all-natural blend of these ingredients in a daily supplement.

Ultimate Bone Support was designed for women who want cutting edge bone protection in a couple of tablets per day. And to date, tens of thousands of women have called Ultimate Bone Support a breakthrough supplement in bone health because it brings you:

Orthosilicic acid to build bone and slow bone loss to a crawl...

500 mg of strontium is proven in 8,171 women to promote stronger, denser bones...

40 mcg of vitamin K2 to lower your risk of hip fracture by up to 45%...

800 IU of vitamin D3 to reduce hip fractures by up to 60%...

400 mg of L-lysine so you have plenty of collagen to “glue” your bones together...

And 2 mg of boron, 10 mg of manganese, 2 mg of copper and 15 mg of zinc, all of which are vital minerals to support your bones too.

Ultimate Bone Support Ingredients Click image to enlarge

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Better yet, if you are unsatisfied for any reason at all, simply return your empty bottles and we'll give you the same refund. No hassles and no questions asked.

77,000 women trust Ultimate Bone Support to maintain strong and sturdy bones

Yes, 77,000 women have started taking Ultimate Bone Support. And they write and tell me how Ultimate Bone Support has increased their bone density … stopped their bone loss … and helped them avoid bone fractures.

And I'm confident it can work for you, too. I'm confident that Ultimate Bone Support can help you live the active life you deserve.  Hiking. Biking. Walking. Gardening. Traveling. Or doing whatever activities you enjoy.

You need sturdy bones to enjoy life. And Ultimate Bone Support can give them to you.

Ultimate Bone Support can keep you in the game of life—instead of watching life pass you by because you're afraid a slip and fall will send you to a hospital or a nursing home.

To get started, just click the link below or call us toll-free at 1-800-791-3395 (our health consultants are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week). We'll rush you your Ultimate Bone Support.

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I urge you to put Ultimate Bone Support to the test for as long as you want. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed—and it's the best way I know of to help you enjoy the active life you deserve. You've got plenty of good years ahead of you, so long as your bones stay sturdy, durable and strong.

In good health,

Dr. Janet Zand

Dr. Janet Zand, O.M.D., L.Ac

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