Support a healthy immune system with this advanced formula. It gives you a mix of 5 supporting herbs including Andrographis.
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Includes 5 Immune Supporting Herbs

Scientific evidence is emerging that select beneficial herbs can provide support for your immune and respiratory systems.

Resistol has many benefits including:

  • Andrographis which has been shown in studies to support a healthy immune system.

  • Eleuthero root has been shown to boost your energy and support the lymphatic system.

  • Platycodon has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to support healthy respiration.

  • Prickly Chaff Flower: also known as Achyranthes, has antioxidant properties and has been shown to support a healthy inflammatory response.

  • Licorice: Rich in flavonoids, studies suggest licorice supports healthy lung function and eases a sore throat.

Resistol is manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease.

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Resistol Reviews

12 Reviews   |   4.8 Average Rating   |   100% Recommend This Supplement 

Resistol *
By Janie M. (COLORADO SPRINGS, CO) - 7/21/2019
I was tired of feeling like I was CLOSE to getting quite sick as a high school teacher this past year, so I thought I would try the Resistol. Lo and behold, when I tried it the first, the second, and the third times I did not get sick when I really thought I was going down. It works!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
I recommend this supplement highly.  *
By JoAnne P. (Lakeland, FL) - 3/6/2019
At the first sniffle I started taking Resistol and it helped to nip it in the bud quickly. What a relief!!!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
AB's New Immune Booster Resistol Is excellent *
By SARAH C. (SUN LAKES, AZ) - 1/14/2019
So far Resistol has proven to be a good supplement for me. I have not succumbed to a cold this winter and it's been all around me.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
By Olga N. (CHICAGO, IL) - 6/21/2020
Resistol is a brand new product of the Advanced Bionutritionlas Company. Although all its ingredients belong to the traditional Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, all of them seem to be used with one goal in mind: to reduce and limit respiratory tract infections and diminish severity of lung infections, such as influenza and pneumonia. Also, since the product contains powerful antioxidants, it boosts our immune system. I am very happy with Resistol because it has strengthened my immunity and protected me from pulmonary decease. During the period of our fight against Corona-19, I highly recommend Resistol to other customers of the Advanced Bionutritionals. Olga Nedeljkovic
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
I highly recommend this supplement by Advanced Bionutritionals *
By Cynthia C. (Canada ) - 3/2/2019
This product is very promising to use in the battle against colds and other illnesses. At the first sight of a cold coming on, I take this supplement.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Supercharging My Body's Defense *
By Vincent C. (New York City) - 4/13/2020
I am no stranger to taking vitamins D3, C, and other natural powder blends (e.g., reds/polyphenol). For job #1, I wash my hands regularly and use anti-bacterial wipes when setting up at work stations, desk surfaces, seat trays when traveling. Job #2 involves using small recording studio booths that get used by many people daily. Microphone, speaker door handles, chair, computer keyboard, touch screens... lots of germ potential. I have had times when in the space of 1 hour, sinus drip, sneezing, slight headache all descend. I have taken the 2 capsules of Resistol then or as soon as I would get home and those symptoms were gone. Was it an allergic reaction or something more? I don't know. Resistol seems to be that extra power packed defense punch!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
* Above are actual reviews from our customers. These customer’s statements may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The reviews should not be taken as the results a typical user will get. Your results may vary.
Advanced Bionutritionals® products are manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.

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