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Studies show it can increase bone formation
by 172%... and can promote bone density!


I hear it every day from my patients and readers. They go to see their doctor, and are told they’re showing signs of bone loss. They’re given all the usual treatment options.

But if they want to take a natural approach to limiting bone loss, suddenly there aren’t so many choices. Calcium maybe — or perhaps weight-bearing exercise.

Chances are you’ve found yourself in a similar situation or you worry you may be at risk of bone loss. If so, here’s what I tell my patients and readers…

You don’t have to limit yourself to just taking calcium, or risk hurting yourself with strenuous exercise…

You don’t have to feel powerless about taking charge of your bone health so you can enjoy the active, independent future you deserve…

And you don’t have to worry about ending up in a wheelchair or nursing home, or becoming a burden to your children…

That’s because what you’re not hearing about from your doctor are the three most important secrets to help you build stronger bones naturally.

I’m about to reveal each of these three secrets — and explain how they can help you strengthen your bones and limit your risk of a debilitating fracture.

Bone-building step #1: If you want stronger bones,
don’t waste your money on calcium supplements!

Doctors often say you should take 1,200 to 1,500 milligrams of calcium daily. Yet studies show this is much more than you need. Most women’s diets contain plenty of calcium— even if you don’t eat or drink dairy products.

In fact, the results of a groundbreaking study published in the British Journal of Nutrition raises the question of whether you need to take calcium supplements at all!1

Researchers compared past studies on calcium and hip fracture from 1966 to 1999. They found NO association between the amount of calcium women took and their risk of hip fracture. That’s right, NONE!

What’s more, a recent study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found that women don’t need more than 566 mg of dietary calcium a day.2 That’s equivalent to what you may get in a bowl of cereal, a serving of tofu, or salmon with broccoli on the side.

And if you regularly eat yogurt or drink milk or calcium-fortified orange juice, you’re getting much more than 566 mg of dietary calcium daily.

That’s why I often tell my patients and readers not to bother taking calcium supplements. If they don’t think they’re getting enough calcium from their diets, I tell them to take 500 mg a day at most.

But there’s another supplement I think is far superior to calcium. It’s a powerful, well-researched therapy that’s been shown to make your bones 18% thicker… limit the risk of fracture and promote bone density. Yet most doctors don’t even know about it…

Bone-building step #2: The “forgotten”
 nutrient that cuts your fracture risk.

What is this incredibly powerful—yet overlooked—bone-building breakthrough? A natural mineral called strontium.

While you may have heard of strontium for bone health, many women (and their doctors) haven’t. That’s in spite of the fact that there are numerous human clinical studies demonstrating the effectiveness of strontium. And these studies have been appearing in prestigious medical journals since the 1980s!

These studies show this natural, bone-building mineral can work wonders for anyone who’s concerned about bone loss…

It works if you’ve got low bone density and have suffered at least one compression fracture. One study, published in The New England Journal of Medicine, looked at more than 1,600 women with low bone mineral density.4 All of the women had suffered at least one compression fracture in their spines. Those who took strontium cut their risk of new fractures by 49% in the first year. They also increased bone density in their backs by 14.4% and in their necks by 8.3% on average.

 It works if you only have slightly thinning bones. In one study, researchers gave either strontium or a placebo to women with slightly reduced bone density in their spines and necks.5 They found women who took strontium were 52% less likely to suffer compression fractures or ANY kind of fracture. Another study included women with slight bone loss in their spines.6 Of those who took strontium for three years, more than 58% normalized their bone density.

 It works if you’re over age 80 and at high risk of hip or other serious fracture. In another study, researchers gave elderly women between the ages of 80 and 100 either strontium or a placebo.7 Those women who took strontium reduced their risk of fracture by as much as 59% in just the first year. After three years, up to 32% remained fracture-free. Researchers concluded, “Even in the oldest old, it is not too late to reduce fracture risk.”

 It works for men as well as women! A German study looked at the effects of strontium in men with low bone mineral density. After one year, the men who took strontium experienced 30% fewer fractures, an 80% reduction in height loss, and significantly less back pain.

Why isn’t your doctor telling you
about this exciting breakthrough?

Chances are your doctor never heard about these studies on strontium in medical school. That’s because the majority of these studies took place in just the past decade.

What’s more, strontium is completely natural. So drug companies have been unable to come up with a form of strontium they could patent and use to make huge profits. If drug companies aren’t selling it, most doctors aren’t hearing about it.

As a result, the only so-called “solutions” your doctor has to offer you are the same ones you’ve been hearing for years.

I knew there had to be a better way to help you keep your bones strong and resistant to fractures as you age. So in 2007 I created a new bone health supplement called Ultimate Bone Support. This advanced formula gives you the ideal mix of bone-building nutrients based on the latest, cutting-edge science.

You don’t have to let doctors “wash their hands of you”
if you don’t want to take their treatments

So far, more than 49,000 women (and men) have started taking Ultimate Bone Support. In fact, many have been taking this powerful formula for a while. And they’ve been inspired by their results to write and tell me how much it’s helping them.

They’re limiting bone loss and promoting bone density. They’re maintaining their height, and enjoying much less back and joint discomfort. They’re fending off fractures, even if they slip and fall occasionally.

What’s more, they’re no longer letting their doctors “wash their hands of them” if they want to take a natural approach. Instead, they’re taking charge of their bone health. By doing so, they’re ensuring they stay active and independent as they age—and creating a future they can look forward to, instead of fearing.

For example, Karen, from California, found out she had slight bone loss after undergoing a bone density test. Having seen her mother break a hip, end up in a nursing home, and become wheelchair-bound the rest of her life, she felt she had no choice but to follow her doctor’s suggestions.

But then Karen became aware of natural approaches to bone health, including taking Ultimate Bone Support. Two years after starting on this formula, she got another bone density test. The test showed a 10.7% improvement in Karen’s hip and a 7.7% improvement in her spine!

Then there’s Donna, from Wisconsin. Donna’s doctor thought she was “crazy” to take a natural approach to bone loss. But Donna started taking calcium and vitamin D anyway. And when she found out about Ultimate Bone Support, she decided to take this formula instead.

Shortly thereafter, Donna began seeing a significant improvement in her bone density tests. Of course, her doctor tried to deny it was due to the supplement she was taking. But Donna’s results speak for themselves. At age 70, she’s able to walk four miles a day. And even though she’s slipped and fallen on icy sidewalks, she’s never broken a bone!

The #1 reason I believe Ultimate Bone Support is working so well for so many women like Karen and Donna — and will help YOU dramatically boost your bone health—is because it contains strontium.

The proven therapy that can stave off bone loss and promote bone density

Why is strontium able to make your bones so much stronger and resistant to fracture? Because it can stave off bone loss and promote bone density at the same time. That’s unheard of…NO other nutrient does both!

Yet you need a therapy that does both, because your body is always breaking down and rebuilding your bones. Believe it or not, about 10% of your skeleton is broken down and rebuilt every year! Your body completely replaces your larger arm and leg bones every 10 to 12 years. And your smaller bones, like those in your fingers and toes, are replaced every two years.

This constant bone remodeling process relies on cells called osteoclasts to remove old bone. It also uses cells called osteoblasts to produce new bone to replace the bone that’s broken down.

But sometimes hormonal changes, lifestyle, and diet factors can affect this bone remodeling cycle, increasing the amount of bone that’s broken down and decreasing the amount replaced. That’s why you may be losing more bone faster than your body is able to rebuild as you get older. In fact, postmenopausal women normally lose about 1% of their bone each year.

The strontium secret to
better bone support

Here’s where strontium does double duty. First, it helps your body maintain more of the good, healthy bone it already has. That’s because strontium is denser than calcium and other minerals found in bone tissue. So it’s much more resistant to removal by osteoclasts, the cells in your body that constantly break down bone.

Second, strontium stimulates bone-building osteoblasts to quickly form new bone tissue. It does this by acting like a “liquid magnet” to draw extra minerals into your bones. This added mineral uptake can make your bones thicker and stronger in a relatively short amount of time.

One study, conducted at the prestigious McGill University in Montreal, looked at patients who took strontium for only six months.8 These patients showed a remarkable 172% increase in the rate of bone formation. That’s pretty amazing!

Other studies show strontium can also help you stand taller and maintain your height as you age. That’s increasingly important as the vertebrae in your spine grow more fragile and become prone to collapsing. One study found a 20% reduction in the rate of height loss in postmenopausal women who took strontium.9

Proven to draw minerals into your bones
and improve density

Scientists have identified exactly how strontium works to increase bone density and lower your risk of fracture. In one recent study published in the Journal of Bone Mineral Density Research, scientists collected bone biopsies from people who had been using strontium for five years or more.17 Then they compared them to those from people who had been taking a placebo.

While examining these bone biopsies, the scientists analyzed the mineral layers inside the tissue that forms bone. They looked at the number of bone-forming osteoblasts covering the bones. They also measured the thickness of the bones themselves.

The scientists found significantly higher amounts of minerals and bone-forming osteoblasts, along with bones that showed improved density. By performing these tests, the scientists were able to explain the dramatic changes in bone density and thickness seen in strontium studies. But that’s not all…

Also builds more flexible bones than other therapies — without dangerous side effects

Another study looked at the effects of strontium in women who used this supplement for two years.18 Scientists used bone-imaging technology to examine the women’s bone density, quality, and thickness. They found the women taking strontium developed stronger, thicker, and more flexible bones.

Why is it so important to build flexible bones? Because brittleness is what causes bones to break—even if they’re dense. But if your bones are strong and flexible, they won’t break if you take a sudden fall. Strontium is the only nutrient I know of that’s been shown to make your bones more flexible.

Strontium is also perfectly safe. In the 100 or more studies done on humans, there were NO dangerous side effects found. Some studies were done on women who used strontium for eight years.19 And the studies that looked at bone biopsies found the quality of bone was preserved following strontium treatment, further supporting its safety.20

You can see how strontium can help you build stronger, thicker bones that are more resistant to fracture. That’s why I made sure I put a full 500 mg of strontium in each daily dose of Ultimate Bone Support, based on the latest scientific research. In a review of 116 other supplements I’ve found that contain strontium, almost all of them give you far less…a mere fraction of the amount seen to work in studies.

But as hard working and effective as strontium is, it’s not the only nutrient you need to keep your bones strong and healthy as you age. Research shows you need a combination of nutrients to address the many different aspects of bone health…

Bone-building step #3: A combination of the world’s best nutrients to give your bones TOTAL support

Having healthy bones is about more than maintaining good bone density and fending off dangerous fractures. You need a strong skeleton to give form to your body, and allow you to sit, stand, and walk. Your bones also protect vital organs — for example, your ribs guard your heart and lungs, while your skull covers your brain.

But that’s not all. Your bones also play a central role in your body’s overall health. They act as a bank for vital mineral reserves, needed for all your body’s organs and tissues. They produce red and white blood cells within bone marrow to support immune function and supply oxygen to your body.
What’s more, new research at Columbia University Medical Center shows your bones secrete hormones that help control blood sugar metabolism and weight.

You can see how complex your bones are. In fact, so many factors are involved in keeping your bones strong and healthy, several nutrients besides strontium play an important role. That’s why Ultimate Bone Support also gives you nine other crucial bone-building nutrients to ensure peak bone health.

You may not be getting enough of these superstar nutrients in your diet or from supplements. In fact, some of these nutrients are hard to find anywhere but in this formula. Let me explain what they are and why I included them, starting with…

The essential bone-building partner
you’re not getting enough of

You may not realize this, but vitamin K isn’t a single vitamin. It’s actually a group of plant compounds. And they’re found mainly in dark-green, leafy vegetables like kale, turnip greens, collards, and Swiss chard.

If you don’t eat at least one generous serving of these vegetables every day, you’re probably not getting enough vitamin K from your diet. It’s found only in trace amounts in meat, cereal, and other grains. And most multivitamins leave out this important nutrient altogether.

Yet you need vitamin K for strong bones. In fact, vitamin K is required for getting calcium into your bones — and keeping it there. That’s especially important since calcium is what your body uses to actually build bones.

The trouble is, the calcium you get from your diet and supplements doesn’t always get into your bones. Much of it ends up elsewhere in your body, where it creates big problems.

Keeps wayward calcium out of your joints and arteries and moves it to your bones, where it’s needed most

Excess calcium settles in and around your joints, causing them to swell up and become painful. It sticks to your artery walls, turning into artery-clogging plaque. It builds up in your brain, where it triggers poor memory and mood problems.

That’s why you need vitamin K. Vitamin K makes sure the calcium you consume gets where it’s needed most—your bones! In fact, I’m not surprised research shows vitamin K may be more useful for increasing bone density than calcium supplements.

In a study of postmenopausal women already suffering from bone loss, researchers gave some of them calcium and some vitamin K.21 Those women who took vitamin K showed a significant increase in bone density. Meanwhile, the women who took calcium actually saw their bone density decrease!

Upping your vitamin K intake can also cut your risk of hip fracture. This was proven in a 7-year study by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Tufts University.22 The study found that older adults with higher dietary intakes of vitamin K were 57% less likely to break a hip during that period. That’s right, they cut their risk — simply by getting more vitamin K!

A natural, easily absorbed form
you can take with confidence

You can see why it’s so important to get enough vitamin K. But you also have to make sure you’re getting the right kind. Vitamin K2 is better than the cheaper K1 form typically found in supplements.

Unlike K1, vitamin K2 is used by your body’s tissues—such as your bones and teeth. It draws calcium in where it’s needed and keeps it from building up where it doesn’t belong.

Preliminary animal studies have shown that vitamin K2 caused fewer problems for people on blood clotting therapies. However, if you are taking a blood thinner like warfarin, you should check with your doctor before taking vitamin K of any kind.

Ultimate Bone Support gives you vitamin K2 in its natural form, called menaquinone-7 or MK-7 for short. MK-7 comes from natto, a fermented food derived from soy. Because it’s natural, this form is much more easily absorbed by your body—as much as 10 times better absorbed!

Now let me tell you about another powerful nutrient that can help keep your bones strong no matter how long you live, even into your 100s…

The new hops breakthrough
that can slow bone loss

Last year in Washington, DC, Betsy Stanford celebrated her 107th birthday. Betsy still has a keen mind and lives on her own on the third floor of a row house. So what does she consider the secret to her remarkable longevity and continued independence?

“I drink stout. It’s good for you, baby!” this feisty lady recently told The Washington Post. She admits to a particular fondness for a smoothie made of Guinness stout mixed with Ensure®, a drop of vanilla flavoring, and a sprinkle of nutmeg.

Betsy is right—beer is a rich source of nutrients that can keep your bones strong. That’s especially true of beer with high amounts of hops, like stout. (But you have to be careful, since drinking too much alcohol is associated with weaker bones.)

Now there’s a better way to enjoy the bone-building benefits of hops, thanks to a patented hops extract. This hops extract, which I included in Ultimate Bone Support, contains potent compounds that can slow bone loss to a crawl.

Can save healthy bone from being needlessly destroyed

As I explained earlier, your body is constantly breaking down and rebuilding bone. But once you hit age 40, there’s often more bone broken down than is rebuilt. That’s because hormonal changes can trigger an imbalance in bone metabolism.

This imbalance can throw your entire bone remodeling process out of whack. Osteoclasts may become overly active, breaking down perfectly healthy bone. At the same time, osteoblasts have a harder time turning minerals into new bone.

This makes your bones become thinner, weaker, and more prone to fracture. Not only do you lose bone, you can gradually lose inches in height.

Hops extract can help reverse this destructive cycle. It actually halts the abnormal breakdown of bone by slowing down bone-destroying osteoclasts. So it reduces bone loss by saving healthy bone from being needlessly destroyed.

Chances are you’re not getting these potent compounds found in hops in your daily diet. That’s why I included hops extract in Ultimate Bone Support to give you an added boost to limit bone loss.

But there’s another nutrient you’re probably not getting, either. And you need it to form the connective tissue that keeps your bones and joints strong.

The collagen secret to a “hard as nails” skeleton

You probably don’t think of your bones as connective tissue. But they are. So are the cartilage that makes up your joints and the fibers that make up your tendons and ligaments. Even blood is considered connective tissue!

Collagen, the main building block of connective tissue, is also a crucial ingredient in bone tissue. Both collagen and minerals are important for strong bones—although most people only think about getting enough minerals and ignore the importance of healthy collagen.

Why is collagen so important? Think about building a wall out of plaster. You need wire mesh to hold the wall together. Then you put plaster over the mesh to solidify it. When it comes to your bones, collagen acts as the mesh and minerals act as the plaster.

An amino acid called L-lysine helps lay down the “mesh” that holds your bones together by linking together collagen fibers. This builds the foundation for strong, flexible bones, as well as cartilage. In fact, lysine is a necessary building block for all protein, and promotes tissue repair as well as recovery from muscle injuries.

Lysine also helps your body better absorb the calcium you get from your diet or other supplements you may be taking. But while lysine is found in cheese, eggs, red meat, and other foods, it’s best to take it in a supplement to ensure you get enough each day. That’s why I’ve included it in Ultimate Bone Support to help you maintain a “hard as nails” skeleton. Plus you also get…

A ray of sunshine to protect
your bones from fracture

Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine” vitamin, meaning your body can make it on its own when you’re exposed to sunlight. But unless you get at least 15 minutes of sun exposure three days a week—and you avoid slathering on sunscreen whenever you’re outdoors—your body can’t make enough of it.

What’s more, older adults get an average of just 100 IU of vitamin D each day from food and supplements — a fraction of what’s been shown in studies to cut your risk of fracture. In fact, the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine just raised its recommended daily amount of vitamin D to 600 IU for younger adults and 800 IU for adults over age 70. And their research shows you can take much more vitamin D safely— up to 4,000 IU daily.

If you’re wondering if you’re getting enough vitamin D, one sign could be those everyday aches and pains you may think are due to simply getting older. Muscle and bone pain is an often overlooked, yet well-documented sign of vitamin D deficiency. Even more important, if you’re not getting enough vitamin D, you’re at much greater risk of fracture.

In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), 50% of women hospitalized for hip fractures were found to have a vitamin D deficiency.23 And in a large controlled study of elderly French women published in the New England Journal of Medicine, there was a 43% reduction in the number of hip fractures in those treated with 800 IU of vitamin D.24

Based on this research, I made sure you get a full 800 IU of vitamin D3 in each daily amount of Ultimate Bone Support. Vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D your body makes on its own when it’s exposed to sunlight. It’s also the easiest form for your bones to absorb.

Plus this comprehensive formula gives you five more bone-building superstars you may be missing out on, including:

Boron—Boron is an important nutrient for healthy bones and joints. Not only does it help get calcium and other minerals into your bones to keep them strong, it promotes proper bone metabolism to help slow bone loss. Multiple animal studies show boron increases bone strength and preserves bone mass. There is also scientific evidence that suggests a link between low levels of boron and increased joint stiffness and discomfort.

Silicon—Silicon is required for forming collagen and connective tissue. It is also needed for your bones to absorb calcium in the early stages of bone formation. In a recent study of the offspring of participants in the well-known Framingham Heart Study—including more than 1,200 men and nearly 1,600 women—researchers linked silicon intake to higher bone density.25

Manganese—Manganese is a trace mineral that’s used by the body to promote bone growth and the development of cartilage and joint fluid. Animal studies show manganese slows the loss of bone mass and is required for normal bone formation.26 Another study on humans found a lower rate of bone loss in women who took manganese, zinc, and copper along with calcium, compared to those who took calcium only.27

Copper—Copper is needed for making collagen, which makes up your bones, joints, and other connective tissue. In studies of both healthy adult men and elderly, bed-ridden patients, increased copper intake slowed bone loss by reducing the breakdown of bone.28

Zinc—Zinc provides many health benefits. But when it comes to your bones, it’s vital for proper bone formation and mineral uptake. Zinc has been shown to promote normal bone growth in adolescent girls and in babies before they are born. Plus, a study on men shows it can increase bone formation.29

The solution to keeping your
bones strong for life

You can see how all ten nutrients you get in Ultimate Bone Support act as a team to promote bone health. From helping build new bone to limiting bone loss to creating strong connective tissue, all your bases are covered when you take this advanced bone-building formula each day.

Plus, Ultimate Bone Support is so much easier than mixing and matching different nutrients to try to get the ideal combination. All the work has already been done for you!

You’re assured of getting the right amounts, so you don’t take too little of one nutrient or too much of another. In fact, you can safely take this formula along with your regular multivitamin, since it’s designed to fill any bone-building “gaps” and complement the levels of nutrients you’re already getting.

Your personal bone-building
revolution starts right here

I’ve told you how studies on strontium show it can support healthy bones and improve bone density. I’ve explained the research behind all the other nutrients in my formula—including Vitamin K, hops extract, L-lysine, Vitamin D, and crucial trace minerals like boron and silicon. And I’ve shown you how these superstar nutrients work together to help increase your bone density and strength.

That’s why I believe taking Ultimate Bone Support each day can make the difference between going on that dream trip to Europe with your spouse or friends…or staying home because your legs can’t handle the walking. Between taking a glorious hike in the woods with your grandchildren on a beautiful day…or sitting in a chair looking out the window because you’re afraid you might fall.

Why miss out on all the fun? You deserve to live an active, independent life well into your 80s, 90s, and beyond. And I believe Ultimate Bone Support gives your bones, joints, and the rest of your “foundation” the greatest possible support so you can always enjoy life to the fullest.

Yes, I want to support my bone structure so I can continue to be healthy, active and independent. Rush me my Ultimate Bone Support today!

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Yours truly,

Nan Kathryn Fuchs, Ph.D.
Editor, Women's Health Letter

P.S. Take steps now to build stronger bones—and live the active, independent life you deserve. Nothing I’ve seen works better than strontium to limit bone loss and improve bone density. And when you take it with the 9 other bone-building nutrients you get in Ultimate Bone Support, you’ll give your bones TOTAL support. You'll save up to $30.00 and can qualify for free shipping too!


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