Curcumitol-Q – BioBDMC Curcumin Supplement

What is Curcumin BioBDMC30? A patented form of Curcumin that is 59 times more powerful than any curcumin you might have tried before. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth. Curcumitol-Q is a game changer for inflammation support and pain relief!
Curcumitol-Q<sup>™</sup> – BioBDMC<sup>™</sup> Curcumin Supplement

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About Curcumitol-Q

Studies show this curcumin breakthrough supports a healthy inflammatory response in an entirely new way. For pain relief you can actually FEEL!

Curcumin BioBDMC30 is the only curcumin extract that helps address TWO anti-inflammatory proteins, not just one.

Curcumin I and Curcumin II helps to support healthy levels of NF-kB and a healthy inflammatory response.

Curcumin III acts like a “superpower” to support healthy levels of MSK1 – for an extra pain-relieving boost!

Quercetin helps support healthy levels of NF-kappaB, cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipo-oxygenase (LOX). It also helps to amplify the effectiveness of curcumin by 147%.

Curcumitol-Q Benefits

Protects Your Heart – Studies show curcumin can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and protect your heart.

Sharpens Your Memory and Thinking – A UCLA study shows curcumin supports the nerve networks in your brain that are vital to learning and memory. And can help ward off age-related memory loss.

Strengthens Your Cartilage – Curcumin protects the cells found in cartilage called chondrocytes from inflammatory compounds.

Improves Your Digestion – Curcumin supports a healthy inflammatory response in your gut and supports healthy digestion.

Brightens Your Moods - Curcumin has been shown to lift blue moods by supporting healthy levels of brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

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Curcumitol-Q Reviews

21 Reviews   |   4.3 Average Rating   |   86% Recommend This Supplement 

Love this product *
By Robert W. (Grandview, MO) - 7/29/2021
Since taking this product I've noticed that I don't have the aching in my knees and hands anymore! I was very skeptical about buying yet another product and having no effect on the real pain, I have! However, to my surprise, I totally forgot about my knees and hands, until it came to mind that I wasn't feeling anything from them and at that time.. that's when I knew, this product is really good! I'm pain-free today, thanks to advanced bionutritionals!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Feeling stronger *
By Marshal P. (CASA GRANDE, AZ) - 3/3/2021
I've been experiencing great gains in my overall feeling of well being. This combined with healthy resolve, advanced adrenal, & liver support seem to be the right combo for me. I have to add that the efficacy of these supplements has increased because of better uptake by taking integrative digestion formula.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Improved *
By SAMUEL F. () - 1/22/2021
Yes curcumitol-q seems to be helping with inflammation and painful joints.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Curcumitol is better than the rest. *
By Sylvia R. (SIERRA VISTA, AZ) - 8/21/2021
I have tried the Tumeric pills from other companies and this is better. It seems to be a better grade of ingredents.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Inflammation relief *
By Patrick G B. (Lexington, KY) - 8/20/2021
This is an easy to take product that works well with my digestive tract. I am using it for inflammation relief and as part of my natural therapy protocol for CLL.I am very pleased with this product and highly recommend it to all!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Seems to work *
By David H. (Chicago, IL) - 8/6/2021
I have taken many other forms of turmeric over the years and this one seems to help lower the inflammation that I have in my lower back and knees. I will continue to use this product.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
* Above are actual reviews from our customers. These customer’s statements may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The reviews should not be taken as the results a typical user will get. Your results may vary.
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