Digestive Support

Advanced Probiotic Formula

This new, high-potency probiotic formula gives you four powerful and foundational probiotic bacteria with an essential prebiotic to support digestion, thinking, memory and whole-body health.   

Integrative Digestive Formula

This cutting-edge formula helps support healthy digestion and provides temporary relief of heartburn, bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea.   

BHU Fiber Bars

These high fiber bars contain 10 grams of fiber, a key to supporting a healthy digestive system. At 10 grams of fiber, Bhu Fit fiber supplement bars provides women with 40 – 47% of the daily recommended amount, and gives men 26 – 33%. Plus, with these great tasting high fiber snacks you get a healthy portion of protein too.   

Advanced Constipation Relief

This special blend of herbs and nutrients is designed to promote healthy digestion and relieve occasional constipation. Including three Ayurvedic fruits: Amla, Chebulic Myrobalan, and Belleric Myrobalan, commonly known as Triphala, plus Fructooligosaccharides.   
Advanced Bionutritionals® products are manufactured in the USA from globally sourced ingredients by Formulation Technology, Inc.