“59 Times Stronger Than Regular Curcumin”

Studies show this curcumin breakthrough fights inflammation in an entirely new way. For pain relief you can actually FEEL — often in just hours! 1, 2

“It’s the first time I actually felt a difference from a natural supplement. And my wife did, too.”
- B. Kalan, Toronto

I’m not easily impressed by new natural discoveries…

…but the feedback I’ve been getting from patients about this new type of curcumin blows away anything I’ve seen in a long time.

Starting with my friend BK in Toronto, Canada, who wrote to me and said:

“I’ve tried just about everything for my joint pain including fish oil, boswellia, MSM, multi-ingredient formulas and yes, even curcumin. But this is the first time I’ve ever felt a difference from a natural pain reliever.”

The reason he felt a difference is because the technology behind this new form of curcumin is a real game-changer. And it has a fascinating story behind it…

How a Bodybuilder-Turned-Research Scientist Uncovered a Hidden Element in Curcumin that Targets Inflammation an Entirely New Way

Back in the 1990s, Franco Cavaleri was an undergrad and a competitive bodybuilder. He’d won several local and regional bodybuilding championships and was training for something bigger.

As a competitive athlete, Franco took many supplements. He took huge amounts of curcumin, for example, because it helped reduce muscle soreness and inflammation so he could train harder. But at one point, there was a shortage of curcumin, so he stopped taking it.

Within a few weeks, he started feeling aches and pains in his muscles. He also had terrible pains in his stomach.3

Well, Franco thought back to his training. He remembered taking large amounts of curcumin and wondered if there was a connection. He began taking it again. Within weeks, he was back to training.


One year later, Franco won the Mr. North America International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness championships in his weight class! 4 And he was able to overcome his stomach problems.5

Franco decided to make nutrition his life’s work. He started working towards a PhD in Experimental Medicine.7 In particular, he wanted to know why curcumin helped his inflammatory condition so much.

As part of his work, Franco “mapped” the pharmacology of curcumin. And he discovered something amazing…8

Curcumin, as you may know, is the active ingredient in turmeric, a popular spice that gives curry its distinctive color. Turmeric has been used for centuries in Ayervedic and Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory.9

Franco discovered that curcumin is really comprised of 3 separate compounds: curcumin I (diferuloylmethane), curcumin II (desmethoxycurcumin), and curcumin III (bis-desmethoxycurcumin).10 And they don’t work the same way.11

Why Curcumin Doesn’t Work For Everyone

The curcumin supplements you buy now are mostly comprised of curcumin I (70-80%) and curcumin II (12-20%). But they have only tiny amounts of curcumin III (0.5% to 1.5%).12, 13

When Franco mapped the pharmacology of curcumin for his research, he found that these curcumin compounds fight inflammation in different ways. Curcumins I and II inhibit a key trigger for inflammation called NF-kappaB. They inhibit this protein to relieve pain and inflammation.14

And it’s true: dozens of studies show that ordinary curcumin can inhibit inflammatory proteins such as NF-kB and C-reactive protein (CRP), along with enzymes such as COX and LOX.16

But Franco discovered that curcumin III neutralizes an entirely different inflammatory protein called MSK1. And this protein is responsible for triggering pain and inflammation at the genetic level — before NF-kB even gets into the picture! 17, 18, 19

In other words, curcumin III does what the other curcumins do — dampening NF-kB. But it has a “superpower.” It also neutralizes MSK1 — to give you an extra pain-relieving boost! 20, 21, 22

The problem is… the curcumin supplements you see on the market have practically NO curcumin III in them!

But Franco set out to change that…


The Only Curcumin Extract that Neutralizes TWO Anti-inflammatory Proteins, Not Just One

Franco spent years researching, mapping, and concentrating this curcumin III. He found a way to concentrate it up from the measly 1% found in most supplements…

…to an astonishing 30% of curcumin III! That’s the highest level of curcumin III on the planet.23, 24

In addition, his unique, patented process enables him to “lock in” precise amounts of curcumin I, II, and III in every batch.25

So like other curcumin extracts, it dampens NF-kB to douse inflammation. But it also squashes MSK1 to give you much more relief.26 And the results speak for themselves. My friends and patients are raving about the difference…27

“I would dread getting out of bed in the morning, worrying whether my first steps were going to send jabs of pain through my ankle. But now — nothing! No pain at all.”
— Marilyn H.

“Surprised these results happened so quickly…”

“This morning, I had no lower back issues. My knees also feel better. The tremor is improving and the other night I was able to control a pen and write. In all honesty, I am surprised that these results and improvements have happened so quickly.”
— Henry C.

“I used to feel like the Tin Man…”

“My knees and joints are definitely feeling better. I used to feel like the Tin Man in the morning. But now, by the time I finish brushing my teeth, I’m good to go!”
— Trevor A.

“Not feeling stiff and sore every time I stand up…”

“I started taking the pills a week ago. At first, I didn't notice anything but now I do. My knees and back are not feeling stiff and sore every time I stand up… and I think the swelling at my knees is down. My fingers are not so stiff either!”
— Anne H.

“But Isn’t Curcumin Hard to Absorb?”

If you know anything about curcumin, you know it’s notoriously hard to absorb.28 That’s why many manufacturers use “liposomes” to encapsulate curcumin in fat bubbles.29 Or they combine it with piperine, a form of black pepper, to boost absorption.30

But some of my patients have stomach trouble with piperine. 31, 32, 33

Franco discovered that he didn’t need to use piperine. He didn’t need to add fat molecules either. It’s all because of…

“The Grapefruit Juice Effect”

You may have heard you shouldn’t take some medications with grapefruit juice. That’s because compounds in grapefruit juice can make medications more concentrated.34

Well, guess what? This new type of curcumin works a similar way. But in this case, it helps a natural substance — curcumin — stay in your system longer. Where it can work its magic.35

In fact, this curcumin III may even protect your liver from being damaged by toxins. Which is great news for people who use conventional treatments for health conditions.36

And there’s another reason this new type of curcumin is more bioavailable…


One Of The World’s Most Powerful Antioxidants37

Franco discovered another astonishing thing when he concentrated curcumin III up to 30%. It sends the antioxidant value through the roof!

Ordinary curcumin has an antioxidant value of 9,500 as measured on the well-known ORAC scale.38 Blueberries have an ORAC value of 4,669. Cocoa has an ORAC value of 80,933.39, 40, 41

But this new curcumin III blows them all away. It has an ORAC value of 565,000! 42 That’s 59 times stronger than any curcumin you might have tried before. And one of the most powerful antioxidants on earth.43, 44, 45

ORAC Scale

Why is that important?

Well first, because this super-antioxidant can absolutely clobber free radicals in your body.46

Free radicals, as you may know, are rogue molecules that can damage your cells, your joints,47 and even your DNA. They’re created by pollutants in our environment, household toxins, and even the natural process of breathing.48, 49

Second, free radicals weaken your immune system. Having lots of free radicals and a weaker immune system is a sign of aging.50, 51 And something no one wants… especially these days.

So having a super-power antioxidant with an ORAC value of 565,000 could be one of the best things you can do for your immune system.

Franco also found this super-high antioxidant protects curcumin as it travels through your system. Enabling more of it to enter your bloodstream and fight inflammation.52

I Took It, Too — and My Pain Vanished!

I told you earlier about how my patients have been getting amazing results with this curcumin. Well, they’re not the only ones. I’ve been getting amazing results, too.53, 54

You see, I’m an active person. I usually do a spin class or a yoga class or some other workout each day. But on that day, I went a bit overboard. I took an Ultimate Boot Camp class in the morning. Then did an extreme Pilates-type workout in the afternoon.

Well, pretty soon my legs, my butt, and my shoulders were all aching. Everything hurt! It hurt to walk up the stairs! And I thought to myself, “Wow, if I’m going to get up stairs, I might have to crawl!”55 It was terrible. Even getting out of a chair was painful.

Then I remembered the curcumin samples Franco gave me. So I took two capsules of Franco’s special curcumin formula.

I felt better in just a few hours.56 Less stiffness, less pain. And the next day, I felt completely back to normal. That’s an almost unheard-of recovery for me.

I got on the phone that day with my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals. I told them they have to offer this to their loyal customers. And I’m delighted to say they have — in a brand-new formula called Curcumitol-Q®. It fights inflammation with this new BDMC®30 curcumin.

But we didn’t stop there…


Quercetin Amps Up The Benefits

We also added quercetin, a natural compound from onions. It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory in its own right.57, 58 Like curcumin, it blocks inflammatory chemicals such as NF-kappaB, cyclooxygenase (COX) and lipo-oxygenase (LOX).59

But the real reason we added quercetin is because… research shows it can boost the effectiveness of curcumin by an amazing 147%! 60

And get this: quercetin also improves your ability to exercise. In one study, people who took quercetin for just 7 days improved their endurance by 13%. And these were ordinary folks, not athletes! 61, 62 That’s great news for people who want to exercise more.


A Real Game-Changer If You Suffer From Pain… and Other Inflammatory Conditions

If you have tried curcumin before — or any other joint pain formula — and been disappointed with the results…

…then you owe it to yourself to try new Curcumitol-Q .

Already, my friends and patients who have tried it are reporting that they feel a difference — often in as little as a few hours.63, 64 That’s practically unheard of for a natural health pain supplement.

What’s more, the inflammation-fighting power of Curcumitol-Q can help with many other inflammation-related issues:


Protects Your Heart — Studies show curcumin can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels and protect your heart.65, 66


Sharpens Your Memory and Thinking — A UCLA study shows curcumin strengthens the nerve networks in your brain that are vital to learning and memory. And can help ward off age-related memory loss.67, 68, 69


Strengthens Your Cartilage — Curcumin inhibits the breakdown of cartilage! It protects the cells found in cartilage called chondrocytes from inflammatory compounds.70


Improves Your Digestion — Curcumin has been shown to strengthen your stomach lining.71 So it can help improve your digestion.72


Boosts Your Immune System — The nutrients in Curcumitol-Q have been shown to ramp up your immune response. That’s good news for older adults who may have a weaker immune system.73, 74, 75

Happy Man

Brightens Your Moods! — Curcumin has been shown to lift blue moods by boosting your brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).76

Inflammation has been linked to so many health problems of aging.77, 78 There probably isn’t any part of your body that Curcumitol-Q can’t help!

Try Curcumitol-Q Today and Get FREE Shipping

This is NOT ordinary curcumin. It’s not even the “95% concentrated” curcumin you see in most health food stores. No, this is an entirely new technological breakthrough you can’t find anywhere else.

Curcumitol-Q is the only supplement that combines new BDMC30 concentrated curcumin III with quercetin. To give you relief from pain and inflammation you can actually FEEL — often within hours.

I am so sure that you will feel a difference that I have convinced Advanced Bionutritionals to make you this special offer:


Order Now

Try New Curcumitol-Q at the Lowest Prices… and Get FREE Shipping, Too

New Curcumitol-Q is the only product on the market that gives you the new, patented BDMC30 curcumin III combined with quercetin. For a pain-relieving one-two punch you simply won’t find elsewhere.

Once you feel what Curcumitol-Q can do for your aches and pains and inflammation… you’re not going to want to part with it!

You can get a one month’s supply of Curcumitol-Q for just $49.95 plus shipping. That’s just $1.67 a day (less than the cost of a cup of coffee) and a savings of $20 off the retail price! But you can pay much less than that…

If you’d like to save $75.00, I suggest you try the 3-Month Savings Pack. You get Curcumitol-Q for just $44.95 per bottle. Plus you get free shipping, too.

But if you have ongoing issues such as joint pain or inflammatory muscle or stomach pains…

…then the 6-Month Savings Pack is for you. It saves you a remarkable $170.70 plus you get free shipping! And you get Curcumitol-Q for as little as $41.50 a bottle.

And of course you are completely protected by our…


Order Now

100% Money-Back “Feel the Difference or It’s FREE” Guarantee

I know how effective Curcumitol-Q is. I’ve seen it with my patients… and I’ve felt the difference myself after a tough workout. I stand by this remarkable breakthrough. That’s why we give you this money-back guarantee:

Try Curcumitol-Q for up to 90 days (three months!). Of course, you really won’t need 90 days. Because most people start feeling the difference in just days.

You must feel the difference or it’s FREE. Otherwise, you can return it and receive a complete refund. No hassles whatsoever. Even if you’ve finished the entire bottle!

This is the EASIEST and BEST decision you can make today to get rid of your pain and inflammation. You risk absolutely nothing, so why not try it right now? Simply click here for your Special Introductory Savings. Or call 1-800-791-3395 any time of day or night.

Curcumitol Guarantee

Imagine What Faster Relief From Pain and Inflammation Can Mean For You

If you suffer from ongoing joint or muscle pains or stiffness or other inflammatory problems like stomach upset… new Curcumitol-Q can be a game changer.

If you’ve taken other joint supplements and still have twinges of pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility… you could toss away those other supplements and get the relief you want from just one supplement.

Imagine… no more having to “favor” your leg or knee when walking outside or walking up stairs…

Imagine… no more sudden jabs of pain when you get out of the bed in the morning.

Imagine… no more limping along next to your spouse or partner… and worrying if people are getting frustrated with you or worse — pitying you.

Maybe you like to play golf or tennis without your friends asking, “Are you alright?”

Maybe you’re a “weekend warrior” who tends to overdo it a bit with exercise, sports, or yard work and you’d like to bounce back faster than ever.79, 80, 81, 82, 83

Maybe you’d like to enjoy long walks, shopping, travel, playing with your grandkids. You won’t even think about your joints!

It’s all possible. I’ve heard as much from my patients and friends. This new 30% curcumin III breakthrough packs a real pain-relieving punch. It’s a giant leap forward in natural pain relief.

I want YOU to be one of the first to feel the difference. So please, order your introductory bottles of Curcumitol-Q today. You’ll be glad you did!

Yours for a pain-free life,

Doctor Janet Zand

Janet Zand OMD, L.Ac

P.S. Remember, you are completely protected by our Money-Back Guarantee. You must feel the difference or it’s FREE. If you're not delighted with Curcumitol-Q for any reason, just return it within 90 days for a full refund of every penny you paid, including any shipping charges. Order now or call 1-800-791-3395 and we’ll rush your shipment to you right away.


Curcumitol-Q – BioBDMC Curcumin Supplement

Curcumitol-Q – BioBDMC Curcumin Supplement


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Curcumitol-Q Reviews

87 Reviews   |   4.0 Average Rating   |   79% Recommend This Supplement 

Joint Relief *
By Paul I. () - 5/11/2024
I am very impressed with the effectiveness of this product. I can feel the change in my knee joints.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Excellent product! *
By Elizabeth B. () - 4/3/2024
Since the stroke 8 years ago and many side-effects, it left me with, I am extremely happy that I discovered your product. Not only my skin improved but my memory, short term and long term improved! highly recommend - at any age. It is never too late. Thank you and good luck!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
I just recently received your product.  *
By Angela C. (MEDFORD, NJ) - 12/4/2023
Only been taking your product for 5 days. It seems to be working.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Can feel it, it works! *
By Evelyn R. (Winchester, CA) - 8/25/2023
I started taking curcumitol q about 3 months ago, and it really helps.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Painful joints *
By John Z. () - 8/4/2023
I got this for a woman with painful joints. She was taking more curcumin of another product, and that bothered her stomach. She can take less of this one, and it is more effective, and no stomach issues.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Curcuman in overdrive.  *
By Michael R. (Coeur d'Alene, ID) - 8/2/2023
57 times as effective as a similar dose of common curcumin containing formulations. There's no way for you or me to make any measurement of the efficacy of CURCIMITOL +Q. BUT, I can tell my knee joints are feeling better than they have in a long time and it can only be from one thing I'm taking; CURCUMITOL +Q .If you will give it a chance to work, you too will experience what im experiencing. It works for you and it will work for you too!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
* Above are actual reviews from our customers. These customer’s statements may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. The reviews should not be taken as the results a typical user will get. Your results may vary.


  • Dr. Janet Zand is compensated by Advanced Bionutritionals for her work in formulating and endorsing this product.
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent a disease.


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