The Overlooked Reason
Why You’re Aging Faster
Than You Should

The Overlooked Reason Why You’re Aging Faster Than You Should

You may think that fatigue, joint pain, and forgetfulness are just part of “getting old.” But they could be from a hidden cause of aging that even doctors overlook.

This little-known culprit works behind the scenes. In fact, even if you eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, take supplements, and get a good night’s sleep, it can still creep up on you.

Many doctors won’t suspect it…

People rarely mention it in conversation…

And the warning signs are often ignored.

But I’m going to tell you what it is. Then, I’m going to tell you how it’s making you look and feel older. And finally, I’m going to tell you what to do to stop it.

Because it’s not too late to fix the problem and feel better than you have in years.

So what is the most overlooked reason why you’re aging faster than you should? Well, it has to do with the hardest working organ in your body. This organ controls over 500 different functions head to toe.

It produces over 13,000 different chemicals and more than 50,000 vital enzymes.

It filters nearly 100 gallons of blood that pass through it every day.

It regulates your adrenal, thyroid, and sex hormones.

What is this organ?

It’s your liver. Yes, your liver.

Liver in Hands

Your liver does all this and a whole lot more. It also makes a full quart of bile each day to break down fat from the food you eat. It maintains healthy levels of cholesterol and amino acids. And it’s also your body’s master detoxifier.

And boy, are there a lot of toxins. They’re in our food. They’re in our air. They’re in our water.

For example, did you know…

  • Over 80% of American urine samples test positive for glyphosate — the toxic chemical in weed killers?
  • Many scented candles give off scores of toxins?
  • Some oranges you buy at the store are artificially colored to appear more desirable?

It’s your liver’s job to convert these toxins into harmless substances and pass them on to get excreted out of your body.

To do that, your liver pumps nearly half a gallon of blood through your circulatory system every minute. That’s double the amount your heart pumps out to the rest of your body!

Your liver’s the gatekeeper for where all toxins ultimately end up. Not only that, it also directs where vital nutrients go, too. And this is still just the start of your liver’s job description. No organ in your body does as much work as your liver! Yet it’s still such an overlooked part of your body as you age.

It Works A Lot Like A Dishwasher… And That Can Be Scary

If you have a dishwasher, you may have noticed at some point your dishes don’t always come out sparkling clean. Dried bits of food and sediment find their way onto your dishes and glasses. Even when they went through a wash. What gives?

Well, if you took out the filter and looked inside, you’d probably be in for a surprise…

Thick, slimy gunk… old food particles strung together in a cloth-like web… and more.

Unless you’re manually cleaning every piece of the machine, all the food and residue from your meals has to go somewhere! And much of it ends up trapped in the blade, filter, and rubber gasket.

Yet we expect our dishwasher to give us clean dishes every single time. But how many of us actually clean out the depths of the dishwasher itself?

Same goes for our liver. We rely on it to keep us from turning toxic, but we do little if anything to help it clean itself so it works properly. Even when it’s pleading for help by leaving telltale signs all over our body!

Because just like any well-used filter, eventually your liver can get clogged and worn-out.

In fact, you lose about 1% of your liver function every year after your 20s. So by the time you’re 70, that could mean your liver’s already lost 40% of its capacity! Here’s how that affects you today:

No matter how healthy your lifestyle, over time your liver becomes less efficient at banishing toxins. Where before it would send toxins to be excreted out the body, the liver starts finding other places to store them instead. Including your skin … your belly … and even in the liver itself.


How This Makes You Feel Old

Your liver and bloodstream are separated by a microscopically-thin barrier. Think of it like a filter. This filter has tiny pores that allow toxins and nutrients to travel in and out.

Over time, this filter clogs up. In fact, it thickens by 50% as you age. Plus, the number and size of the pores shrinks, too.

Scientists call this problem defenestration (dee-fen-uh-stray-shun).

Defenestration puts a double whammy on your health. First, it makes it much harder for your liver to process toxins. Second, it blocks helpful substances like fats, hormones, and nutrients from entering your liver.

Result? Your liver struggles to perform its 500+ functions!

And that can spell disaster all over your body…


Do You Recognize These Warning Signs?

If you’ve been dieting and exercising — and not losing weight — it could be from a clogged liver. That’s because your liver often deposits toxins into fat cells.

(In fact, if you see someone with a pot belly, that may be a warning sign of a clogged liver!)

Believe it or not, that’s actually your body trying to protect you. Because your belly is a convenient place to store toxins so they don’t enter your bloodstream.

Sometimes your liver will even store the toxins itself. And other times, it has no choice but to send the toxins to another place you don’t want them – to your skin.

And that can be the hidden culprit behind common skin problems like dryness, itching, and rashes.

Pot Belly

Then there are the signs of brain aging…

Do you ever feel an afternoon lull that has you craving a coffee or sweets? Or do you ever muddle through the day with brain fog? Well, these things could all be signs of a liver problem.

What’s more, those frustrating “senior moments” may not be so innocent…

Over time, giant waste particles build up around the liver and block the flow of brain-nourishing ingredients. This backlog of waste can trigger signs of forgetfulness. And it can even increase your risk of joint pain.

Left unchecked, this toxic buildup from a clogged liver can make you look (and feel) years — even decades — older than you really are.


An Overworked Liver Ages You Inside And Out

Your liver affects nearly every single aspect of your health. For starters, it helps produce energy from the food you eat. It helps maintain healthy cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels. It aids healthy digestion and metabolism.

And a clogged liver is often the hidden cause of:

  • Poor memory
  • Sugar cravings
  • Irritability
  • Low immunity
  • And much more

But that’s not all. Your entire hormonal system depends on your liver. This means a fatigued liver harms your thyroid and adrenal glands, too. And that can result in a whole slew of problems like weight gain, low sex drive, headaches, and trouble sleeping. Bottom line, your liver is responsible for maintaining a healthy balance of all hormones.

So it’s little wonder that a clogged liver is the most overlooked reason why you’re aging faster than you should.

Hurt Liver

3 Ways You’re Being Robbed Of Energy

A clogged liver could be draining you of energy in 3 important ways. The first involves B vitamins.

You may already know that B vitamins give you energy. What you may not know is that B vitamins are processed by your liver.

But here’s the problem with B vitamins. They’re water soluble— so you pee out the vast majority. And in today’s high-stress, high-toxin life, we churn over B vitamins at a breakneck pace compared to 100 years ago!

So when you add a clogged liver to the mix, your cells get even less of those crucial B vitamins.

In fact, when a patient comes to my clinic concerned about lack of energy, here’s what I do. I give them a B-vitamin injection. And darn near every time, they call me the next day saying, “Hey, I feel a lot better now!”

Why? Because the injection bypasses the gut and liver. And it goes right into their cells. Which often confirms the patient has a clogged liver because they weren’t processing the B vitamins from their diet or supplements.


The second way your liver could be draining you of energy is through your blood sugar.

Your liver decides what to do with incoming carbohydrates. It can turn them into fat. It can turn them into sugar and release them to the bloodstream. Or store them as glycogen, for when you need quick bursts of energy.

Your liver even helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels when you haven’t eaten anything.

But a sluggish liver has trouble performing this critical job.

In fact, that’s why people who are overweight can eat like a bird on a new diet and not lose weight. Their livers can’t burn the stored fat.

A clogged liver can also be the culprit behind many low-carb dieters’ struggles to lose weight. The liver can’t release its stored glycogen so blood sugar drops, leading to fatigue

Blood Test

As you can see, your energy levels are directly tied to your liver health! Now, here’s the third way a clogged liver could be zapping your energy.

You’ve probably heard of triglycerides. Triglycerides are the most common fat in your body. And a healthy liver converts triglycerides into energy.

But a clogged liver struggles to do that, leaving excess triglycerides in your blood. This flood of triglycerides can drain your energy.

The longer this goes on, the more your liver strains to keep you sharp and active.

Energy Level

Over Time It
Gets Even Worse…

As your liver’s filtration system keeps wearing down, it causes structural damage.

Where the liver was once plump and elastic, it can become hard and fibrous. That makes it even more challenging for blood to carry nutrients in and out. This traps further toxins inside, where they stew and wreak even more havoc on your body.

This also slows your bile production. Your liver creates bile to break down and absorb fat from your meals. And you also need bile to help transport waste and toxins out of your liver. But a sluggish liver struggles to make bile and get it into your gallbladder where it’s stored! And this can be brutal on your digestion.

This creates a cascade of problems…

When your liver can’t make energy from the food you eat, it’s like driving around in a car with a 4-ounce gas tank. You’ll have to constantly stop and get a fill-up.

That’s when carb cravings kick in. As a result, you tend to eat more carbs to make up for the shortfall. And to deliver those carbs as energy to your cells, your pancreas makes insulin. Over time, that excess insulin can lead to all sorts of challenges.

That’s the bad news. But here’s some good news.

You can take control of this situation and stop aging faster than you should. How? By targeting the root cause of the problem: your liver’s clogged filtration system!

And there are several ways you can do that right away. Starting with a remarkable herb that ancient healers have used for centuries. This herb has a powerful triple-benefit few nutrients have.

Liver Pain

Liver-Protecting Nutrient #1:
The Mediterranean Detoxifier And Age Spot “Eraser”

This nutrient is a potent antioxidant and detoxifying agent. And it can work wonders for your liver. It’s a sweet compound you’ll find inside licorice root.

No, not the candy. I mean the flowering plant that’s native to the Mediterranean. It’s called glycyrrhizin (glee-cir-RY-zin).

Years of studies show glycyrrhizin helps shield the liver from all sorts of toxins. But it doesn’t stop there.

In one study, scientists observed a group of patients with compromised livers. First, the scientists measured the patients’ liver enzyme levels. Then they gave the patients glycyrrhizin every day for 4 weeks. After the 4 weeks, the scientists compared the patients’ liver enzymes to their levels before taking glycyrrhizin.

Result: The scientists were amazed to see an 88% improvement in the enzyme levels! Plus, the patients’ symptoms plummeted a full 86%!

Licorice root is such a wonderful, little-known herb that I highly recommend to anyone concerned about their liver. As a bonus, licorice root can also help improve the appearance of age spots.

As I mentioned earlier, your liver is crucial in balancing your blood sugar levels. Well, plant compounds in licorice are a big help there. In fact, they support healthy insulin levels. Help transport glucose into your organs. And promote circulation head-to-toe.

Now, here’s what else I recommend to my patients.

Wood Chips

Liver-Protecting Nutrient #2:
The Memory-Booster That Unclogs A Sluggish Liver

The next nutrient is best known for its memory-protecting effects. It’s called phosphatidylcholine, or PC for short.

PC helps your brain produce the neurotransmitters it needs to understand and memorize new information. In fact, a recent study showed lower levels of PC are linked to cognitive decline. And while PC can help preserve your memory and keep you sharp as a tack, it can also do wonders for your liver!

And just like glycyrrhizin, PC helps shield your liver from harmful toxins. But it also helps unclog a bunch of the gunk that’s slowing your liver down as you age. Gunk like cholesterol, fat, and chemicals that put a toll on your liver.

As you now know, an old, tired-out liver doesn’t process nutrients and toxins as well as a young, unclogged liver. The biggest difference is the young liver cells are clean as a whistle. Well, that’s one of the amazing things about PC…

You see, PC stimulates liver cells. In one study, scientists removed a section of several rats’ livers. Next, they gave the rats a helping of PC. Within 30 hours of the PC injection, the removed sections started growing back. That’s amazing!


Liver-Protecting Nutrient #3:
Your Liver’s Favorite Antioxidant

Some experts call this nutrient the Liver’s Favorite Antioxidant.

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), reinvigorates liver cells, supports healthy triglyceride levels, and even supercharges antioxidant vitamins C and E.

What’s more, ALA can remove free radicals that hide out in clogged liver cells. And it can even help with weight control! But that’s not all.

In a recent study, scientists gave patients with aging skin either a supplement with ALA, or a placebo. Neither the patients nor the scientists knew who got what. After 6 months, the placebo group saw very little change in their appearance. But the ALA group?

They saw a significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! Plus, their skin felt smoother and more elastic.

ALA is a great start to reclaiming your youthful vigor.

Now, if you could only get your hands on alpha-lipoic acid, PC, and glycyrrhizin, you’d be well on your way to unclogging your liver.

But if you want to turn back the clock on your liver’s health even further, I recommend 5 other liver-savers you must see. In fact, they’re all part of…


The Ultimate Revival Plan For Your Tired Liver

After compiling all my research on the best nutrients for liver health, I contacted my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals. Together, we developed an unmatched formula for optimal liver health. It’s called Advanced Liver Support.

Advanced Liver Support contains alpha-lipoic acid, PC, and glycyrrhizin, in doses shown to be effective in clinical studies. But we didn’t stop there.

We also added 5 more superstar nutrients, so your liver gets the complete protection it needs. Which in turn gets you to look— and feel— years younger. These nutrients include…

Advanced Liver Support

Liver-Protecting Nutrient #4:
Supercharges Your Master Antioxidant to Detox Even More

Another compound that can help unclog liver cells is N-acetyl-L Cysteine (NAC). NAC is a precursor to your body’s “master antioxidant,” glutathione.

Glutathione recycles “used” antioxidants so they come back and fight more free radicals. This helps give your liver even more protection from toxic invaders.

And NAC ensures you get even more glutathione. Studies show NAC can also improve blood flow to the liver. That’s important because the better blood flow to your liver, the more nutrients arrive to stop further blockages.

N-acetyl-L Cysteine

Liver-Protecting Nutrient #5:
The Allergy Remedy That Works Like a Force Field Around Your Liver

This next nutrient is a potent antioxidant that supports a healthy inflammatory response in the liver. And it even helps cells live longer!

One lab test revealed it extended cells’ life span by a whopping 60%!

This nutrient is quercetin. It’s already well-known for its helpful effects on seasonal allergies. But it does so much more!

Quercetin is also shown to help regulate the gut’s microbiome and bile metabolism. Which in turn supports a normal, healthy liver.

Quercetin can also normalize problem genes related to a sluggish liver, too.

I can’t recommend quercetin highly enough for optimal liver health and anti-aging!


Liver-Protecting Nutrient #6:
Helps Block Free Radicals

The next nutrient we had to include in Advanced Liver Support is a safe, therapeutic mushroom called Royal Agaricus.

Agaricus has a powerful effect on the liver. It protects the liver and immune cells from free radicals. And it even helps shield the liver from toxins!

In a recent study, scientists injected rats with carbon tetrachloride (a toxin that’s deadly to the liver).

Half the rats got agaricus every day for 8 weeks. The other half got a placebo. Result?

Amazingly, the rats getting the agaricus had virtually no damage to their livers!

What’s more, agaricus can also help protect liver cells from getting gummed up.

Agaricus also inhibits melanin production, the pigment that causes age spots and blemishes.

If you’re serious about protecting your liver, Royal Agaricus is a “must have” nutrient to ward off harmful toxins. And that’s still not all you get with Advanced Liver Support…


Liver-Protecting Nutrient #7:
An “Old Faithful” You Must Have

The next nutrient that’s essential for a healthy liver is milk thistle.

As you may know, milk thistle is one of the most commonly recommended herbs for liver health. After all, it’s a potent antioxidant for liver cells. Which means it can keep those cells ship-shape even after an occasional night of indulgence!

What’s the “secret sauce” behind milk thistle’s protective effects? It’s a compound called silymarin. Silymarin helps shield the liver from common invaders like alcohol, drugs, and other toxins. It can also support healthy triglyceride and cholesterol levels on your blood panels.

Another benefit of silymarin is its positive effect on blood sugar. Several randomized, controlled trials show silymarin helps normalize fasting blood glucose levels.

If you want to age gracefully, you’ve got to include milk thistle in your daily regimen.


Liver-Protecting Nutrient #8:
Keeps The Liver Supple

Now, there’s one final nutrient that works wonders for a worn-down liver. It protects your liver from heavy metals and other toxins. It helps heal liver tissue. And also keeps that tissue elastic, so blood flows freely in and out.

This nutrient is selenium. Selenium is a trace mineral naturally found in soil. And studies show patients with low liver function have low selenium levels in their blood. Of course, the opposite is true, too. In the landmark NHANES study of 34,000 patients, those with higher blood selenium levels had much lower risk of liver problems.

As a bonus, selenium protects skin from oxidative stress due to UV rays. It does this by activating your body’s “master antioxidant” that you saw earlier, glutathione.

So there you have it: 8 powerful nutrients that support tip-top liver health. All in doses used in clinical studies. And all ingredients that promote anti-aging throughout your body, not just for your liver! In fact…


I’ve Never Seen a More Complete Liver Supplement Than Advanced Liver Support

When you take Advanced Liver Support, yes, you will start to look and feel younger. Yes, you will start seeing better cholesterol, triglyceride, and blood sugar levels. And yes, you will start feeling rejuvenated with greater focus and zest for life.

Most importantly, you will feed your liver the fuel it needs to carry out the 500 processes it handles every day. And to create the 13,000 chemicals and 50,000 vital enzymes that literally keep you alive and well! Almost everything in your body works better when you have a strong liver.

Which means you’ll live well and active into your golden years. A healthy liver doesn’t just add years to your life; it also adds life to those years. In fact, you’ll be shocked at the difference a strong, healthy liver will make in your day.

But don’t just take my word for it.

Liver Supplement

Here’s What Customers Are Saying About Advanced Liver Support…

“I have been taking Advanced Liver Support for 2 months now. I have felt an amazing improvement in my overall health. My skin’s dark spots are fading and my skin, hair, & eyes all look & feel healthier.”

Linda E.
Polson, MT

“I was at my last straw. I felt so bad. I couldn't do anything anymore. Walking was like trudging through mud. I read about Liver Support. I had tried other supplements before; they took my money with no results. I must say, I do feel much better! Even walking is better.”

Brenda R.
Acworth, GA

“I started taking Advanced Liver Support and started feeling better within three days. At 81 years of age I feel as good as I did when in my mid 60s. I am getting back to my exercise routines and feeling great.”

Joe Y.
Albuquerque, NM

I take Advanced Liver Support every day. And I know you’ll enjoy doing the same.

Now It’s Your Turn…

If you’re like most of my patients, you want to have boundless energy all your life. You want a sharp brain, healthy digestion, and smooth skin. Well, your liver’s the unsung hero that can make it all possible!

So when you try Advanced Liver Support, you’ll enjoy all these benefits and more. And the worst that could happen? You look and feel the same you do now. Which means you’d get a full refund. (More on that in a moment.)

But even if it works half as well as I’ve said, you can gain control of your liver health. And start reclaiming that youthful vigor you may have thought was a thing of the past.

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when you banish the toxin buildup causing bloating and brain fog…

Imagine the confidence you’ll have watching your blood tests improve and complexion brighten up…

And imagine the joy you’ll get from all the activities you can join in thanks to your newfound energy!

When you try Advanced Liver Support, you won’t need to imagine any of that. Because you’ll be living it. Guaranteed.

Down-to-the-Last Pill Guarantee

You are completely protected by our risk-free guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with how you feel after using Advanced Liver Support, simply return the bottles (even if they’re empty!) within 90 days and we’ll happily refund every penny you paid. No hassles, no questions. You only cover return shipping.

That’s how confident we are you’ll enjoy the anti-aging effects of this premium product.

Advanced Liver Support Bottle

Try It Now - Risk Free!

Try Advanced Liver Support at The Lowest Price… Risk-Free

If you wanted to buy all 8 liver-boosting ingredients separately, you’d be paying well over $150. And you’d need to make sure you got each of them in the correct dose.

Never mind the fact you’d be swallowing 8 different pills, some of them multiple times a day!

But with Advanced Liver Support, you get all these ingredients in one convenient, easy-to-swallow capsule. And rather than spending $150 or more, a one-month supply of Advanced Liver Support is only $49.95 (plus $6.95 shipping).

Better yet, if you want to save more and enjoy even better results, you can try a 3-month supply. That’s just $44.95 a bottle ($15 savings for 3 bottles) plus get FREE shipping.

However, if you’re serious about aging gracefully … feeling more energetic … and protecting yourself from a barrage of toxins … I suggest you try the 6-month supply.

This way, you’ll only invest $41.50 per bottle plus get FREE shipping. That’s a $50.70 savings over the regular price— which is like getting a bottle for free!

In addition to being the best deal, a 6-month supply also gives your liver time to feel the full effects. Better still, you don’t risk a single penny when you try Advanced Liver Support today.

It’s a great investment to make in your health. That’s how Eugina L. felt after taking it:

“Advanced Liver Support has been absolutely amazing. Since taking it my metabolism has increased. I feel like it is detoxifying my liver. I am really impressed with the overall wellness I am experiencing.”

Eugina L.
Auburn Hills, MI

Milagros R. noticed how Advanced Liver Support reduced cravings:

“In a month I've noticed my skin doesn't look as dry and cravings for sweets are less.”

Milagros R.
Ossining, NY

And Spencer W. felt its impact on energy levels:

“I’ve noticed both a difference in my skin and a difference in my energy… both are a direct result of a healthier liver thanks to Advanced Bionutritionals liver support.”

Spencer W.
Kodak, TN

While Letitia W. raved about the positive effects throughout her body:

“This product is a great vital support for health purposes. The nutrients do what they should to boost health. The other systems in the body are definitely recharged. This product is definitely worth the experience!”

Letitia W.
Pflugerville, TX

So please choose the package that’s right for you by ordering below. Or call Advanced Bionutritionals toll-free at 1-800-791-3395.

Remember, you’re protected by our Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied within 90 days of ordering, you get a refund of your entire purchase price. Even if the bottles are empty!

Don’t let your liver go unprotected any longer. Nourish it with the nutrients it needs to protect you for the long haul— so as you get older, you actually look and feel younger!

To healthy aging,

Frank Shallenberger

Frank Shallenberger, M.D.


"Feel good at 81 as I did in mid 60s with Advanced Liver Support"

- Joe, Advanced Liver Support Customer

Advanced Liver Support


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208 Reviews   |   4.3 Average Rating   |   86% Recommend This Supplement 

Great product *
By Joel M G. (WHEELING, IL) - 5/12/2024
I very much enjoy peace of mind knowing advanced liver support is so helpful to protect healthy liver
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Turnaround  *
By Joseph K. () - 5/1/2024
After using the Advanced Liver Support, myGI doctor saw a considerable upgrade of the condition of my liver, along with diet and less alcohol, the liver was no longer considered cirrhosis but only scarred, thank you
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Great Product *
By Inna F. (Mundelein, IL) - 3/13/2024
This supplement really works! I have been taking it for 6 months. I feel more energy, not as tired and hope it will help with my liver issues. Also nice surprise: I was able to lose weight just by taking Advanced Liver Support and eating healthy food. Thank you. Advanced Bionutritionals for such a great product.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Miracle Worker? *
By Debbie C. (Willows, CA) - 3/3/2024
In 2016 my husband began having serious liver problems. The doctor told my husband he probably had four years to live. I immediately started my husband on the Advanced Liver Support (2 capsules in the a.m. 2 in the p.m.). His condition has not progressed, much to the surprise of his specialist. The doctor told us "whatever you're doing, keep it up!" I highly recommend this product!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
A great taste  *
By Sandra M. (Canada ) - 1/3/2024
I decided to try this supplement because a friend mentioned that it is easy to get liver issues. So far, I feel more positive and focused.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Wonderful Product *
By Daniel L. (Reno, NV) - 12/26/2023
Since I started taking this product I have more energy and I don’t feel as tired. This supplement has helped me immensely. My Liver function is now at an acceptable level. I highly recommend this product.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
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