Tingling or Numbness In Your Hands Or Feet?

Finally, a natural solution that's been shown to work…

If you have tingling, numbness or pain in your hands or feet, here is good news: Scientists in Japan have discovered a natural way to significantly relieve tingling and numbness. This natural breakthrough has been tested in 34 studies. And it works by addressing the tingling at its root cause.


Why Your Fingers and Toes Tingle

Nerves work like telephone cables: They transport messages from one area of your body to another. The problem is… as you get older, your nerves transport messages less effectively. They slow down for various reasons, including diet, lack of exercise, and environmental toxins like second hand smoke.

Peripheral nerves slow down the worst. These nerves – located in your fingers, toes, hands and feet – have a thinner cable. So any damage slows them down dramatically.

So what can you do about it?

Well, doctors have long known that high doses of vitamin B1 – called “Thiamine” – help healthy nerve signals travel from your brain to your toes. And vice versa.

Unfortunately, thiamine is water-soluble. So it's quickly excreted through your urine. As a result, it's hard for your body to build up any reserve.

Fortunately, Japanese scientists found a way to solve this problem: They created a fat-soluble form of thiamine that stays in the body much longer.

Tuning Fork

This fat-soluble form of thiamine is called benfotiamine (ben-foe-TIE-uh-men). And it has been shown safe and effective in dozens of studies around the world.

In one study, doctors tested people's ability to sense vibrations. First, they placed a tuning fork next to a person's foot. Next, they vibrated the fork until the patient could feel the vibration.

This is the standard test that measures how well a person can feel things in their limbs. Many of the patients started this study with little or no sensitivity to vibrations in their feet.

Then the doctors separated the patients into two groups and gave them either benfotiamine or a placebo. Neither the doctors nor the patients knew which group received the benfotiamine treatment. Nine weeks later, the doctors conducted the same vibration test. And they were amazed by the results:

Patients who weren't able to feel any vibration just 9 weeks earlier were now able to feel their feet. They were able to feel in toes which were numb just weeks before. But it doesn't stop there: Nine months later, benfotiamine treatment continued to increase vibration sensitivity! And it did so with zero adverse side effects.

But that's not all…

Addresses the Root Cause of Tingling

A second study found that benfotiamine gets down to the root cause of what causes tingling, numbness and pain: Blood sugar.

You see, when your blood sugar gets too high, your organs are toast. Literally. The toasting occurs during a process called glycation. Quite simply, glycation is a process where sugar chemically combines with protein or fat.

You've seen the effects of glycation in the kitchen. For example, when you put bread in the toaster, the sugars and proteins in the bread combine and cause the bread to turn brown.

This same browning occurs any other time you combine a protein or fat with sugar. For example, it occurs when you glaze a chicken… when you barbecue ribs… or when you caramelize onions. Well, glycation doesn't just occur in the kitchen. It also occurs when you have too much blood sugar.

When you have too much blood sugar, your body can't metabolize it fast enough. As a result, the excess sugar reacts with the proteins in your cells and the proteins become “toasted.” This leads to the creation of nasty substances called Advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs for short. And it is the AGEs that cause your nerves to be tingly, numb or painful.

To see how benfotiamine relieves tingling, numbness and pain, researchers gave people a meal high in AGEs-producing food. Then they measured how the AGEs affected the patient's bodies. Once they had these measurements, they split the patients into two groups:

One group was given a benfotiamine treatment. The other group was given a placebo. 28 days passed and they measured the blood again. The result: The level of AGEs in the blood of the benfotiamine group dropped by an incredible 40%! Which is amazing, because normally the effects of AGEs are permanent.

So if you suffer from tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, we recommend taking benfotiamine. We think benfotiamine is one of the most important nerve health breakthroughs of the last 50 years.

The result is a product called Advanced Nerve Support. And it has the right amount of benfotiamine that was used in the studies at the quality these studies recommend. But that’s not all… we decided to add four more ingredients. Ingredients such as:

The B Vitamin That Can Reverse Your Tingling, Numbness, and Pain


As you may know, there are two types of vitamin B12, methyl-cobalamin and cyanocobalamin.

However, if you want relief from your tingling, numbness or pain, then you want to take methylcobalamin. Because methylcobalamin is better used by the body and is the form of vitamin B12 which can help reverse the tingling, numbness and pain caused by your nerves.

In a recent study, scientists gathered rats with damage to their peripheral nerves. These scientists measured how well the rats registered feeling or pain. Next, they measured their compound muscle activation potential (or CMAP for short).

Then they split the rats into three groups: One group received no treatment. A second group received an ultra-low dose of methlycobalamin. And a third group received a high dose of methylcobalamin.

When they measured the rats again, they noticed something surprising. The rats who received a high dose of methlycobalamin scored higher compound muscle action potential scores. This means the rats were better able to move and feel their muscles. What's more, the scientists noticed something even more amazing - the myelin sheaths and peripheral nerves were rebuilding themselves!

So not only did these rats experience relief, the methylcobalamin helped rebuild the nerves themselves. And protect these healed nerves from future damage. Even though this study was done on rats, the scientists concluded that high doses of methylcobalamin may offer the same support for peripheral nerves in humans. You get the exact dose you need in Advanced Nerve Support.

Advanced Nerve Support Gives You Breakthrough Pain Relief At A Fraction Of The Cost

If you tried to purchase the individual ingredients in Advanced Nerve Support at your local health food store, you could easily spend…

Nerve Ingredients Cost

But thanks to this special offer, you can get Advanced Nerve Support Formula for as little as $41.50 per bottle. That could save you as much as $77.25 per month! What's more, it's so much easier to get these nutrients in one convenient supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. All the work has been done for you! Save over $50! Not Only That, Methylcobalamin Enhances The Other Ingredients In Advanced Nerve Support, Helping Them Work Even Better.

Living with Tingling/Chronic Pain Not Only Makes You Miserable. It Can Destroy Your Health, Too!

Your risk of cardiovascular issues skyrockets.

A study done by the journal Pain Medication states that chronic pain contributes to heart and blood pressure problems.

You experience sleep problems.

The part of your brain that controls pain also controls when you sleep and wake up. So you lie awake until your brain calms down — then jolt awake in the middle of the night.

Your brain cells die prematurely.

Researchers believe the extra activity “wears out” your brain cells faster. In one study, research recorded as much as an 11% reduction in the overall size of the brain.

Your relationships suffer.

Living in pain can change your mood and lead to anxiety, depression and fatigue. This leads to many relationship problems, including frustration, low self-esteem and a lack of sexual intimacy. That’s why nearly 75% of marriages for people with tingling or numbness eventually end in divorce.

You live with the pain for the rest of your life.

The longer you live with tingling, the more it rewires your brain. Until it’s impossible to treat.

The Anti-oxidant that Gives You More Energy, Lower Blood Sugar


You may have heard of Alpha Lipoic Acid for its uses as an anti-oxidant, blood sugar balancer and energy booster. But one of the best things about it is that it also keeps tingling and numbness from getting worse.

As we told you a moment ago, sugar leads to AGEs. And AGEs lead to tingling, numbness and pain. Well, Alpha Lipoic Acid works with your body to keep sugar from ever turning into AGEs.

You see, when you eat, your body begins the “Krebs Cycle.” In the Krebs cycle, your body breaks down glucose, metabolites, amino acids and fatty acids. And it creates the fuel your body uses to power your cells.

The problem is, sometimes your body makes too much glucose. And this extra glucose – sugar – leads to AGEs, oxidation, and aging of your cells.

Alpha Lipoic Acid works with your body to transform this excess glucose into energy your body can use. When this happens, you protect your nerves from getting worse… your body creates less AGEs… you have more energy and less fatigue.

On top of that, Alpha Lipoic Acid increases circulation, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, and even assists your body in making glutathione. And you get a full dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid in Advanced Nerve Support. With Advanced Nerve Support, you also get…

The Cell Communicator

Sometimes, tingling, numbness, and pain are caused by a deficiency of vitamin B6. Indeed, vitamin B6 has been shown to promote healthy nerves and support the synthesis of neurotransmitters, which help your nerves communicate more easily.

But that's not all. Your body needs vitamin B6 for more than 100 enzyme reactions involved in metabolism. That means that vitamin B6 helps the other ingredients in Advanced Nerve Support work even better!

The Ingredient that Boosts Energy In Your Nerve Cells

Final Ingredient

The final ingredient in Advanced Nerve Support is Acetyl L-Carnitine. I've included Acetyl L-Carnitine because sometimes toxic substances can eat at your nerve endings. The trouble is, when your nerves are frayed in this way, your body's natural processes for handling pain become disorganized.

Acetyl L-Carnitine helps stop this by protecting the mitochondria, the power plants inside your nerve cells. When the power comes back on, your nerves stop sending these pain messages, so you experience relief.

You get ALL FIVE of these incredible ingredients in a single bottle of Advanced Nerve Support!

5-in-1 relief for as low as $1.38 a day!

One Bottle

We guarantee each ingredient is the right dosage and the right quality for you. If you were to buy one month of all five ingredients separately, you could pay $100 or more. Yet one month's supply of Advanced Nerve Support can be yours for only $49.95! You save $50 per month! (That adds up quickly.)

Three Bottle

But it gets even better. We're offering a sizable discount for anyone ordering a 3-month or 6-month supply.

Six Bottle

In fact, if you order a 6-month supply, you'll pay just $41.50 per bottle — plus get FREE shipping. In total, you save $50.70 — it's like getting a bottle free. In addition to being the best deal, a 6-month supply also gives your nerve support system time to feel the full effects.

Try Advanced Nerve Support

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Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee

When your supply of Advanced Nerve Support arrives, we want you to use it, without risking a cent. Because it is backed by our “Down-to-the-Last-Pill” Money-Back Guarantee.

If you are not 100% convinced that Advanced Nerve Support has reduced the numbness in your hands or feet…

If you don't agree that it has relieved the tingling that has interfered with your everyday life…

Or if you're not satisfied for any reason, then return the bottles within 90 days- even if you're down to the last pill – for a full refund. No hassles, no questions asked. You only pay return shipping.

However, we don't think you will do that. Because if you're like most people you'll feel so much better you'll never want to stop taking it.

We can make this promise because I've already heard from people about their success with Advanced Nerve Support. So I'm confident that it will work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Advanced Nerve Support safe to take?

You don't have to worry when you take Advanced Nerve Support, since the ingredients are all natural. These safe, non-toxic nutrients have been shown in at least 100 human clinical studies to soothe tingling and numbness. What's more, none of these studies found dangerous side effects. If anything, these studies show the nutrients found in Advanced Nerve Support have wonderful benefits beyond soothing tingling and numbness. So you only stand to benefit from taking Advanced Nerve Support.

How is Advanced Nerve Support better than other treatments for tingling and numbness?

Most ordinary treatments for tingling try to mask the pain. But Advanced Nerve Support is the first and only treatment for tingling that stops the root cause of your tingling six different ways. Plus, unlike other treatments that try to mask the problem, Advanced Nerve Support reverses the root cause, rebuilding the nerves which cause tingling in the first place. In fact, independent laboratory tests show that the ingredients in Advanced Nerve Support regrew the myelin sheaths surrounding your nerves starting in just days! That means quicker relief for you!

Other products have failed me. How do I know for sure that Advanced Nerve Support will work for me?

Frankly, you can't be sure until you try it. Every person is different. However, because Advanced Nerve Support fixes the root cause of your tingling, you are more likely than ever to feel better results — faster. And remember: If it's not the absolute best nerve support formula you've ever tried, simply return your bottle — even your empty bottles — and we'll gladly send you a full refund, including shipping and handling. That's our Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee. And something that no health food store will do for you.

How do I order Advanced Nerve Support?

Simply place your order below or call toll free 1-800-791-3395.

Advanced Nerve Support

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Relief from Your Tingling, Numbness, and Pain!

Imagine how great it'll feel to wake up each morning free of nerve pain and tingling. Imagine winning your life back from your tingling and nerve pain! Take advantage of this risk-free opportunity to see what Advanced Nerve Support can do for you, your comfort and your quality of life.

You have our word that every bottle is 100% guaranteed or your entire purchase price will be promptly refunded within 90 days of your purchase. So why not give this new breakthrough formula for nerve support a try!

Yours in good health,

Janet Zand

Janet Zand, OMD, L.Ac.

PS: Remember, results may vary for you, but our Down-to-the-last-Pill Guarantee remains the same: You must see a dramatic difference with Advanced Nerve Support or simply return the bottle within 90 days - empty or not - for a no-hassle refund. That's about as risk-free as it gets!

So please order below or call Advanced Bionutritionals at 1-800-791-3395. And remember, you're fully protected by my 100% Down-to-the-Last-Tablet Guarantee!


"This supplement is a must have! It definitely eases pain."

- Tamara G., Advanced Nerve Support Customer

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Advanced Nerve Support Reviews

383 Reviews   |   3.6 Average Rating   |   73% Recommend This Supplement 

nerve pain *
By Susan A. () - 7/9/2024
This is the only product I have taken that actually works!!! After back surgery I was left with nerve pain in my legs. I order your product and I have no more pain in my legs. Thank you so much!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Numbness decreased *
By Tommy F. () - 6/13/2024
I had about a 75% decrease in the numbness & tingling in my arms & hands. I've only been taking your product for a month now and am experiencing great results.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
nerve support *
By Ronald H. (Canada ) - 4/5/2024
this product helped me with my pins and needle feeling. thank you so much.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
I highly recommend this supplement *
By William G. (Streetsboro, OH) - 2/27/2024
As a type 2 diabetic I have read about the tingling feeling in my feet which had just starting to bother me recently that it was affecting my sleep at night. While surfacing the internet I saw this email about nerve support and after reading the product information I decided to purchase 3 bottles and give it a try. as of this writing i just finished my first bottle and began to use my second bottle I can truly say that Advanced Nerve Support really works for me.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
The ultimate vitamin 12 ever *
By Danny S. (Australia ) - 11/1/2023
One can just buy any vitamin B12 supplements for nerve support and the range is huge in the market .Advanced Nerve supports is the only supplement that has an excellent balance of carefully researched ingredients combined with the correct form of B12. The results are just excellent. Highly recommend this product.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Advanced Nerve Support isa product that I strongly recommend because I take it regularly and love how helps me! *
By DAVID R. (NEW HAVEN, CT) - 7/21/2023
I have been a licensed health care provider since 1984 and use dietary supplements with my patients as well as herbal medicine. Now that I have retired, I’m only treating myself and I like this formula as part of my daily regimen.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
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