Is Your Toilet Paper Secretly Destroying Your Prostate Health?

Toxic chemical found in many brands of toilet paper goes right into your prostate! Here’s how to protect yourself.

If you suffer from prostate problems, then you may have heard that they’re caused by DHT (di-hydro-testosterone). But did you know that your toilet paper could also be to blame? It’s true!

Here’s why…

Scientists have found that many brands of toilet paper contain a toxic chemical called BPA. You may know BPA as a chemical found in plastics. It’s in water bottles, food containers, and even baby toys. And guess what? It’s also in toilet paper, thanks to contamination during the recycling process!

You see, many toilet papers are made from recycled paper. And some of the papers being recycled come from magazines, credit card receipts, and other papers that are coated with plastic. As a result, BPA makes its way into the toilet paper. In fact, a government study found that 81% of all paper products contain BPA in them!

Research shows that BPA is easily absorbed into the body through contact with the skin. And with toilet paper, it’s even worse than regular paper. Why? Because you’re wiping with toilet paper onto your anus. Not only is your anus right next to your prostate, but it contains lots of blood vessels.

So when you’re wiping with BPA-laden toilet paper, the toxin goes right into your bloodstream. It’s as if you were giving yourself a BPA suppository! When BPA goes into your bloodstream, it can wreak havoc on your prostate health and sexual function. This has been demonstrated in several studies.

One study found that patients with unhealthy prostates had much higher BPA than people with healthy prostates. Another study found that BPA stimulates prostate cell growth, even in tiny amounts. And yet another study found that BPA can reduce daily sperm production by a whopping 20%!

Why is BPA so damaging to your prostate and sexual health? Well, it has to do with its ability to mimic estrogen. As you may know, BPA is chemically similar to estrogen. It can actually mimic estrogen and cause your body’s levels to shoot up. This can lead to estrogen building up in your prostate.

When estrogen builds up in your prostate, you have an imbalance of estrogen and testosterone. To compensate, your body converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). You see, DHT is 10 times stronger than regular testosterone. So your body converts as much testosterone as it can into DHT, in order to undo the adverse effects of rising estrogen.

But there's a downside to DHT. DHT stimulates prostate cell growth, and causes your prostate to swell up until you have trouble peeing.

As your prostate gets bigger and bigger, you begin to lose urinary control. What happens next? Well, you may need to get up several times at night to rush to the bathroom. You may need to look for the men's room everywhere you go. When you try to pee, you may dribble in stops and starts. And you may feel like you never fully empty your bladder.

Leads to Baldness…

In addition to prostate problems, DHT can also cause hair loss and male pattern baldness. It does so by causing hair follicles on your head to shrink… until they stop growing hair.

And that’s not all. As your body keeps turning testosterone into DHT to counter the rising estrogen, your testosterone levels plummet. Eventually, your body can no longer keep up. And you end up with too much estrogen and too little testosterone.

Too much estrogen and too little testosterone can result in low sex drive and weaker erections. It can ruin your sex life! Not only that, it can also lead to softer muscles and flabby arms and legs. It can even cause you to grow “man boobs” and make you look more feminine.

In addition, research shows too much estrogen can also lead to other health problems. These include uncontrolled weight gain, mood swings, dangerous blood clots, heart problems, and more.

By now, you can see why BPA is so hazardous to your prostate and overall health. And BPA is not just in toilet paper. It’s also found in many everyday things, including paper money… store receipts… credit card receipts… magazines… airline tickets… food cartons… napkins… and even dental fillings.

And it gets worse. In addition to BPA, there are many other estrogen-like chemicals in the environment. These include PCBs in soil and water… dioxin in polluted air… phthalates in shampoos and soaps… pesticide residues in our food… plus many more. It’s virtually impossible to avoid exposure to these environmental estrogens. Luckily, there’s a simple solution…

How to Undo the Effects of Man-Made Estrogen and Shrink Your Prostate

Scientists have discovered an amazing nutrient that can protect your prostate against BPA and estrogen. It’s called di-indolylmethane, or “DIM” for short. How does DIM protect your prostate?

First, it reduces estrogen by converting it into “good” estrogen by-products. These estrogen by-products have been shown to enhance prostate health.

Second, DIM lowers estrogen receptors in your prostate. By doing so, it blocks the activity of estrogen and its damaging effects on your prostate.

Third, DIM also lowers the receptors in your prostate that take in DHT. High levels of these receptors can lead to prostate enlargement and increased PSA levels. By lowering these receptors, DIM helps promote normal prostate size and healthy PSA levels. In a clinical study, patients taking DIM saw a dramatic fall in their PSA.

But the benefits of DIM don’t end there. It also blocks oxidative stress and inflammation that can injure your prostate.

Even more amazing, studies show DIM helps testosterone go up, so you have more energy, more strength, and greater sex drive. That means, you can improve your sexual function and get back your manhood.

What’s more, research shows DIM can also help you lose weight and reduce your waistline. Plus, it boosts your immune system and helps you fight off viruses. That’s a lot of benefits from one single nutrient!

Prostate Bottle

I’ve been prescribing DIM for my patients for years. But I want my readers to have it, too. That’s why I called my friends at Advanced Bionutritionals. And together, we created the most comprehensive prostate formula I’ve ever seen. It’s called Advanced Prostate Formula.

Advanced Prostate Formula is the only prostate formula that contains DIM to address the estrogen and BPA issues. But we didn’t stop there. In addition to DIM, Advanced Prostate Formula contains 10 other nutrient superstars to give your prostate complete protection. First is…

The Swedish Discovery That Cuts Nighttime Urination by 85%

Back in the 1950s, in the birthplace of the Nobel Prize for medicine, a Swedish doctor named Dr. Erik Upmark made a stunning discovery. He found that flower pollen could help people with glandular problems. Then he had an idea…

Since pollen is the male reproductive spore of the flower, Dr. Upmark figured it might have a beneficial effect on men’s reproductive gland, the prostate. And he was right.

It Does What Saw
Palmetto Can’t


Flower pollen addresses a cause of urinary problems that most other remedies don’t: constricted muscles in your urinary tract.

Scientists have found that flower pollen helps relax the smooth muscle tone of your urethra, so you have stronger urine flow. It also relaxes the sphincter muscles of your urethra, so you have better urinary control. And it strengthens your bladder muscles, so you have more power to push urine out and fully empty your bladder.

Dozens of studies have confirmed the efficacy of flower pollen. In one study involving 208 doctors and 1,798 patients with enlarged prostates, 90% of the patients found blessed relief with flower pollen. That’s amazing.

In another study, scientists gave flower pollen to a group of patients with urinary difficulty. Result: Nearly 70% of them saw a huge improvement in their symptoms. Not only that, their prostate sizes were greatly reduced, as measured by before and after ultrasound tests.

In yet another study, patients with prostate problems took flower pollen for 13 weeks. As a result, they cut their nighttime trips to the bathroom by 85%!

What’s more, they had a 92% improvement in completely emptying their bladders. And they also had much less strain and stronger streams when they peed.

Without a doubt, flower pollen is one of the best remedies you can take to soothe prostate problems. But don’t just take any flower pollen. Make sure you take the same one used in the clinical studies. It’s the Swedish Flower Pollen extract that we use in Advanced Prostate Formula.

In addition to Swedish Flower Pollen, Advanced Prostate Formula also contains…

The “Prostate Plumber” That Eases Urinary Problems by 352%!

If you suffer from weak urine flow… if you often have strong and sudden urges to pee… or if you feel like your bladder’s always full… then this nutrient is a godsend for you. It’s a plant extract called Beta-Sitosterol.

Beta-sitosterol is a “prostate plumber.” It unclogs the blockages in your prostate, so you can urinate with ease. In a randomized, doubleblind study, scientists gave 200 patients 60 mg of beta-sitosterol or placebo. They then measured their symptoms using the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS). This test measures urination frequency, urgency, urine flow, and so on.

The result? Compared to the placebo group, the treated group improved their IPSS scores by a stunning 352%!

For you, this can mean no more waking up at night to go to the bathroom. No more straining and dribbling when you pee. And no more feeling the urge to pee in the middle of a movie or when stuck in traffic.

Advanced Prostate Formula gives you beta-sitosterol in every dose. You’ll find it in the saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed in the formula.

Speaking of pumpkin seed, it can do wonders for your prostate health and sex life. Here’s how…

The Ejaculation Liberator

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are rich in plant extracts (betasitosterol is one of them) for boosting your prostate health. On top of that, pumpkin seeds also support healthy ejaculations. How? Well, pumpkin seeds contain a protein called myosin. Myosin helps the muscles around your prostate gland contract.

When your muscles contract better, your prostate pumps better. And you have healthier ejaculations and better sexual performance.

But that’s not all. Pumpkin seed has also been shown to ease urinary problems. It does so by reducing the pressure in your urethra and bladder… and improving your bladder elasticity.

Advanced Prostate Formula gives you a generous 320 mg of pumpkin seed — much more than what you’d get in most other prostate formulas. And it gets better. Advanced Prostate Formula also contains…

The Tree Bark That Soothes Painful Urination and Back and Groin Pain

Pyguem Africanum

You may have heard of Pygeum Africanum, an extract from the African tree bark. It’s one of the world’s most popular prostate healers. It works by blocking inflammation and swelling in the prostate. Plus, it blocks a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin reduces testosterone in the prostate. By blocking prolactin, pygeum helps maintain healthy testosterone levels in your prostate.

The efficacy of pygeum has been proven in over 30 clinical, placebo-controlled studies. In one placebo-controlled study, patients taking pygeum drastically cut their number of urination. Plus, they emptied their bladders more completely. In another double-blind study, nearly 2 out of 3 men got blessed relief in urinary symptoms.

On top of that, pygeum also acts as a natural antibiotic. It has been shown to soothe urination pain and back and groin pain caused by prostatitis. Advanced Prostate Formula also contains…

The Granddaddy of Natural Prostate Remedies

Saw Palmetto

I’m talking about Saw Palmetto. No prostate formula would be complete without saw palmetto. It’s been used to treat enlarged prostates since the 1800s. And it’s the most well researched natural prostate remedy. Dozens of clinical studies over four decades show it can shrink an enlarged prostate… improve urinary flow… ease pain and discomfort when you pee… and reduce the number of times you need to pee each day.

The Prickly Plant That Makes Saw Palmetto and Pygeum More Effective

Stinging Nettle

This prickly plant is an effective prostate remedy on its own. But when combined with saw palmetto and pygeum, they are even more effective at relieving prostate problems. What is this plant? It’s Stinging Nettle. In a study, patients added this plant to saw palmetto, and cut their nighttime bathroom trips in half!

So far, I’ve told you about 6 clinically proven prostate nutrients. If Advanced Prostate Formula had only these nutrients, it would be one of the best supplements around. But to make Advanced Prostate Formula THE best supplement in the category, we also included these 5 nutrients essential for a healthy prostate:



You may have heard of lycopene, the pigment that gives tomatoes their red color. It’s also a potent antioxidant. And it protects your prostate from damage caused by harmful free radicals.

In fact, a Harvard study of 47,000 men found that men who eat large amounts of tomatoes are 45% less likely to have prostate problems. Another study found that lycopene can lower PSA and block, even stop, prostate enlargement.



Zinc is the “male mineral.” There’s more zinc in your prostate than any other part of your body. It’s essential for a healthy prostate. In fact, a study found that a healthy prostate has 9 times more zinc than an unhealthy one.



Copper helps you maintain healthy blood circulation, which is vital for your prostate and overall health. Plus, it helps keep your immune system, nerves, and bones healthy.

What’s more, when you take zinc, it depletes copper in your body. So you need to boost up your supply of copper. Advanced Prostate Formula gives you both of these minerals in the right balance.



Selenium is a versatile mineral. It protects your heart, joints, liver, and immune system. Now scientists found that it also protects your prostate. This has been confirmed in 12 studies with over 13,000 men.

Vitamin D3


You probably know that vitamin D is a "bone vitamin." But what you may not know is, it's also a "prostate vitamin." Indeed, latest research shows it can block prostate cell growth and shrink a swollen prostate.

But there are different forms of vitamin D. Many vitamin D supplements on the market use D2, a synthetic form of the vitamin made in the laboratory. But Advanced Prostate Formula uses the natural form, vitamin D3. D3 is at least three times more potent than D2. Plus, it's more easily absorbed by your body.

Okay, I've told you about all the 11 nutrients in Advanced Prostate Formula. Each of them has been clinically proven to protect your prostate. But the crux of the matter is…

How Well Does Advanced Prostate Formula Work In Real Life?

Let me tell you about Dr. John T. from Florida. John had all the typical symptoms of an enlarged prostate: nighttime trips to the bathroom… difficulty in starting… weak urine flow. So he decided to give Advanced Prostate Formula a try. He was skeptical at first. But a year later, he got rid of his prostate problems!

Then there's Virgil F. from Oregon. Virgil was 90 years old, and he had to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. He had tried many natural products, but none of them had worked for him. Finally, he tried Advanced Prostate Formula. Now, he could sleep 7 to 8 hours without awaking to urinate.

And there's Mrs. Morrisey from Michigan. Her husband suffered from prostate problems. And the treatment he was using had a dampening effect on their love life. So he took Advanced Prostate Formula. Now he has his sexual desire — and their love life back.

Now It’s Your Turn…

Thousands of men have already benefited from Advanced Prostate Formula. And now you can, too.

You can protect your prostate from BPA and other estrogen-like chemicals in the environment. You can restore a healthy balance of estrogen and testosterone in your body. You can be more masculine again, and improve your sexual function. Plus, you can shrink your enlarged prostate, and put prostate problems to an end.

Imagine how great it’ll feel to be free of prostate problems. Imagine being able to sleep through the night without waking up to go to the bathroom. Imagine having a strong urine stream… and being able to fully empty your bladder each and every time.

Imagine having a strong and healthy prostate, so you can have sex and ejaculate like when you were younger. Imagine feeling virile and confident in the bedroom again. Well, that is all possible by simply taking this one single supplement: Advanced Prostate Formula.

Supplement Facts

Try Advanced Prostate Formula at the lowest price… Plus FREE shipping too!

If you bought the 11 nutrients in Advanced Prostate Formula separately, you could easily spend over $130 a month. And you’d have no guarantee on the quality of these nutrients.

But if you take Advanced Prostate Formula, you can rest assured that each of the 11 nutrients in it is of the highest quality possible. Plus, it’s much easier to get these nutrients in one single supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. Or having to take 11 different pills! And you save money, too…

A One-Month Advanced Prostate Formula Starter Pack

Advanced Prostate Formula

Is just $49.95 (plus shipping). Or $1.67 a day. That’s less than a premium cup of coffee!

But if you want to save 10 percent more, and make sure you have enough Advanced Prostate Formula on hand, I suggest you try…

The 3-Month Advanced Prostate Formula Savings Pack

Advanced Prostate Formula

Try a 3-month supply of Advanced Prostate Formula for just $134.85, plus free shipping! You save $15.00 off the regular price.

If you’re really serious about maintaining a health prostate for the long-run — and saving the most money — then you should try…

The 6-Month Advanced Prostate Formula Best-Bargain Pack

Advanced Prostate Formula

A 6-month supply is just $249.00. This is by far the best value, because you save $50.70 off the regular price. Plus, you get FREE shipping and handling.

Isn’t it time you experienced the benefits of Advanced Prostate Formula yourself?

Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee

Advanced Prostate Formula Guarantee

As with every Advanced Bionutritionals product, you're fully protected by our risk free guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with Advanced Prostate Formula for any reason whatsoever, Simply return the empty bottle within 90 days of your purchase for a full refund of every penny you paid, including shipping and handling. No questions asked. You only pay return shipping.

Bottom line: either you're absolutely thrilled with the results you get… or you pay nothing.

Now the Decision Is Yours…

If you’re still on the fence, think about this. When you try Advanced Prostate Formula, the worst thing that can happen is, you’re not happy with the results you get. Then simply return the bottle within 90 days for a full refund. And you lose nothing. Not even a penny.

But what if it works for you? That means, you can finally say goodbye to prostate problems. You can sleep through the night without waking up to pee. And you can pee like a young man again.

With our Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee, you get all the upside without any downside. Frankly, I think ordering a 6-month supply is a no-lose proposition. Because if you’re not satisfied, you can simply return the empty bottles within 90 days of your purchase and get all your money back. And if you are satisfied, you get to pay the lowest price per bottle plus get the free shipping.

In addition to being the best deal, a 6-month supply also gives your body time to feel the full effects. That’s why I suggest you take advantage of this offer. But I’ll leave the decision up to you.

Order below or call 1-800-791-3395 any time of day or night.

Yours for excellent health,

Doctor Frank Shallenberger

Dr. Frank Shallenberger M.D.

P.S. BPA and other estrogen-like chemicals are quietly destroying your prostate health. It's virtually impossible to avoid exposure to these chemicals. That's why I urge you to take Advanced Prostate Formula. It's the only natural prostate formula that contains DIM to protect your prostate from these chemicals.

P.P.S. Remember, you can try Advanced Prostate Formula absolutely risk free. If, for whatever reason, you're not entirely happy with it, you can return the empty bottle(s) within 90 days of your purchase for a full refund of every penny you paid. So why not order now?


"Improved urinary flow less urgency. Fewer bathroom visits at night. Better sleep"

- Aktham S., Advanced Prostate Formula Customer


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Advanced Prostate Formula Reviews

225 Reviews   |   3.7 Average Rating   |   71% Recommend This Supplement 

I recommend this product  *
By john G. (Dallas, TX) - 5/17/2024
Amazing product Been on it for about a month. Saw improvements within 2 weeks .Will continue to purchase. Once again amazing product urine flow is great no more getting up at night 4 times to urinate God bless this company.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Strongly and entirely I recommend this supplement.  *
By Meyer C. (Westminster, CA) - 5/12/2024
Prostate has an important, chemical and biological factor. Men and women stay healthy if without a perfect prostate’s experience.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Works like a charm  *
By MARK M. (OREM, UT) - 4/14/2024
I’m 63 years old and still having no issues at all. When I’m out of the product or don’t take it for a few days it is noticeable. Thank you so much for this healthy supplement
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Advanced Prostate Formula *
By Gerald O. (Los Angeles, CA) - 1/29/2024
A good supplement to add to ones benefit for health wellness.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Fixing plumbing  *
By Daniel B. (Albuquerque, NM) - 1/21/2024
Have used half the bottle of supplements,and seems to be helping things, I'm looking forward to see.the results from a whole bottle.. should be good!
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
Advanced bio nutritional products work. *
By Ricardo V. (Marathon, FL) - 1/4/2024
I've been taking bio nutritionals advanced prostate formula for about 3 weeks now and I'm already feeling the change. I was going to the bathroom six or seven times going today and at least three or four times at night, and the frequency that I go to the restroom to do number one is not as much as it used to. I'm having to go to the bathroom to do number one less and less I highly recommend their products.
  I Recommend This Supplement
  Verified Customer
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